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prada has emerged with kickass cat-eye frames for next fall:

Prada Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

normally i’m not crazy about eyeglasses that come with built-in eyebrows but i really think the shape of these is the cat’s meow, ahaha, but seriously everything else about the late 50s/early 60s style has been reexplored and regurgitated for the past few years and glasses like these are the next logical step. a self-serving trend forecast, but whatevs, we trust that you will wear them well.

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gareth pugh is fuckin crazy.

that said, we’re so sick of “fashion’s return to sobriety” and “this collection takes a cue from the 1930s”. yes, the economy sucks, and yes, it seems silly and tasteless to throw down thousands and thousands of dollars on clothes and shoes and purses ever since the financial system uh collapsed. but. the thing is, no matter how simple and elegant and tasteful miucca prada’s suits are, they remain unaffordable. and now, we are left with still-too-expensive clothing that is no fun at all to ogle.

so thank you, mr. pugh, for sticking to your (dark, goth, avant-garde, greasy, deconstructed) guns.




gareth-pugh-41(all photos from men.style.com)

we hope that women’s fashion week brings more creativity than we’ve seen in the men’s shows so far. depression chic, is not chic at all. it makes people sad. and when the world around is sad and corrupt and penniless as it is, dressing in a wacky manner is a nice way to bring a smile to someone’s face (just ask aretha franklin’s inauguration bow).

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we couldn’t help but notice this girl, on facehunter on monday. the painterly peacocks on her dress remind us of prada’s painted fabrics last year, but with peacocks instead of flowers, and we totally dig the dress + fuchsia tights + strappy black open-toed heels. look!:


we also wanted to show you a picture of the first ever hippie convention in zurich, in 1968:


and finally, we wanted to share banksy‘s picture of grandmas with you:


we hope you enjoy.

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