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christopher kane’s versus collection is the spitting image of these odd technicolor super slutty cut-out dresses i was obsessed with drawing when i was much much younger. this was in the hey-day of delia*s, when the catalog was horizontal and awesome, and i would entitle my designs “chloe dress” and “tiffany dress” and other shit like that.

i wish i had a picture to show you. i was ahead of my time.

usually i’m not at all crazy about donatella versace’s neon spandex dreams but in the hands of christopher kane (incidentally, pretty well-known for neon spandex himself) cut outs and mini skirts become positively adorable.

Versus Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
i swear i drew this dress when i was 8
Versus Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
ice skating never looked so nice
Versus Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
i demand royalties
Versus Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
i’m not a t-shirt girl but i covet this one
Versus Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
take us into outer space
all photos shamelessly pilfered from style.com
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i am told by a friend that chloe sevigny is bitchy and acts entitled when standing on line for a club. which is fine, and also, whatever who really cares; nevertheless ms. sevigny remains my top choice for actress-i-would-most-want-to-play-me-in-the-movie-version-of-my-life.

(this will someday happen, i am sure. and she will dye her hair brown and shrink a few inches and the film that ensues will be lovely and well-received by critics and fans alike. also the soundtrack and costumes will be fieeerce.)

chloe-sevigny-nytimes(photo from nytimes.com)

when questioned in pulse, karin nelson’s ny times column, she says, “I’m not feeling these modern, futuristic looks. It’s too hard. I love a frilly floral, and I always will. And I like minis. I tried to do a pencil skirt, but it looked too old. Lately I’ve been trying to dress sexier, but my version is still a little sad and frumpy and alternative.”

oh man, it is only a matter of time until we run into each other on the street and girlishly squeal over our mind-bogglingly similar style manifestos.

due to a lack of tv and/or hbo, i cannot watch my life twin on big love, but i saw this clip of her on vice‘s website once and have enjoyed it ever since (because she is snotty and know-it-all-y and i really like that about her):

as a girl who spends too much time on style.com, her actual knowledge of fashion trend history makes me really really happy. as does her companion’s moustache. as does the idea of having an expendable income big enough to buy a pair of balenciaga pants.

the end.

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from allison arieff’s blog on nytimes.com:

For a couple of months there, it was sort of exciting to witness how dramatically higher oil prices were affecting human behavior. Ridership of public transit was up, homeowners were swapping exurban houses for urban condos, S.U.V. sales were down, people were walking. T. Boone Pickens threw cash at a wind farm. But in more recent weeks, as oil prices dropped, I started hearing indications of backpedaling on all of the above. With gas back down in the $2 to $2.50 a gallon range, there was talk of this all being less urgent, something that could be addressed later. Pickens even scrapped plans for the wind farm (for now). This is such a strange notion: that an interim price drop somehow solves the larger issue of our dependence on oil.

isn’t that sort of terrible? dependency on oil is always a scary concept, and it shouldn’t only be scary when it gets expensive. whether filling up your tank costs $15 or $50, it is always (always always) a better idea to bike or walk or subway or bus. petroleum is not sustainable, and never will be, no matter how much of an impact it may make on our wallets at any given time.

(not that it should be about style, at all, but we feel obligated to admit, that there is no better way to be kind to the environment while looking positively adorable, than riding a bicycle. just ask scott schuman.)

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