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All the fashion weeks in the world just wrapped.  Unfortunately I didn’t pay attention to London (too busy at work), Italy was underwhelming (DG rolled out yet ANOTHER show full of leopard prints and Italian-woman-in-the-forties shapes… and a curious number of models without pants), but Paris delivered thanks to Dior’s funky, period ready-to-wear show and Chanel’s walking-on-water runway + iceberg (yet shitty– IMOHO– collection… two words: yeti boots). Don’t subscribe to WWD? Me neither, but I can borrow their images & show you the three cool things to come out of Pepe Le Pew‘s chic hometown.

1. Keep your eyes peeled for these kick-ass stockings– in theory for next fall, but why not this spring if you can find them:

Style them with see-through negligees layered with puffy culottes for day… (did I just suggest that?…)

…and silky black things for night.   Note: the hair kicked ass at Dior: poofy up top and ratty braidy at the bottom.  Will definitely be rocking that to work upon one-too-many at DOC.

2.  Karl Lagerfeld’s designs were underwhelming/ugly, but the man is fashion’s Jesus and made models walk on water:Brills.

**Read more about his “Climate change chic” (yes, Virginia, that is a paradox) collection here.

3.  Final observation, though hardly original as WWD has the same article (or at least I presume from the title- I can’t read their article because I don’t subscribe)… Dior’s RTW collection is Alice in Wonderland meets Sherlock Holmes and I luurrve it!

Shopping list:  tophat, leather & velvet,  CAPES & LACE! (thanks Sherlock Holmes)

Alice in Wonderland gives us crazy hair, dramatic/sickly eyes and whimsically romantic outfits!  Behold:

and stacked neckline/collar + more lace:

I will let John Galliano bid you au revoir… until next fashion week(s)!



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christopher kane’s versus collection is the spitting image of these odd technicolor super slutty cut-out dresses i was obsessed with drawing when i was much much younger. this was in the hey-day of delia*s, when the catalog was horizontal and awesome, and i would entitle my designs “chloe dress” and “tiffany dress” and other shit like that.

i wish i had a picture to show you. i was ahead of my time.

usually i’m not at all crazy about donatella versace’s neon spandex dreams but in the hands of christopher kane (incidentally, pretty well-known for neon spandex himself) cut outs and mini skirts become positively adorable.

Versus Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
i swear i drew this dress when i was 8
Versus Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
ice skating never looked so nice
Versus Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
i demand royalties
Versus Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
i’m not a t-shirt girl but i covet this one
Versus Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
take us into outer space
all photos shamelessly pilfered from style.com
[ stefanie ]

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prada has emerged with kickass cat-eye frames for next fall:

Prada Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

normally i’m not crazy about eyeglasses that come with built-in eyebrows but i really think the shape of these is the cat’s meow, ahaha, but seriously everything else about the late 50s/early 60s style has been reexplored and regurgitated for the past few years and glasses like these are the next logical step. a self-serving trend forecast, but whatevs, we trust that you will wear them well.

[ stefanie ]

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…she would look like TAVI, the fashionista/blogger who is, in fact, THIRTEEN YEARS OLD

Oh, can you read that wristband? Allow me: DIOR.  This bitch (lovingly!)  is sitting in first rows at shows in fashion capitals around the world: Paris, New York, Tokyo.  Check out what she wears to school (when she’s not skipping to attend said shows):

Rodarte tights.

Tavi’s About Me: “Wears batman capes and oversized hats. Scatters black petals on Rei Kawakubo’s doorsteps and serenades her in rap. I wish I was Daria but I get too excited about things like candy to be deadpan all the time.”  Also, she has a Bob Dylan shrine.

Tavi’s Book:

She explains: “One of my favorite color combinations is coral and blue.”

Her blog Style Rookie is a must-read, beautiful & quirky.  There you’ll find commentary on design/fashion, more pages from her book, and breakdowns of what she wears (always a mish-mosh, always intriguing).  Plus Tavi clues us in on her fabulously-eccentric, singular life in a charming voice. Sample:

“I packed my Proenza Schouler shirt (courtesy of Wonder [Bread] Boy Team Jack & Lazaro) but ended up wearing it to breakfast and Really Expensive Pharmacy At Which We Spent An Obscene Amount Of French Bones Because We Didn’t Realize There Was a Monopris Right Around the Corner.”

I was going to end this post saying that though it seems impossible Tavi is 13, her room proves otherwise, but then I realized that at 21, my desk in Bologna was pretty much permanently in this state:

At least Tavi has an excuse…


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It’s almost the end of New York fashion week: Marc Jacobs has stunned the fashion world (again) by NOT wearing a kilt (ok, ok, his quality show/celebrity-free afterparty at the Standard were factors, too) and Donna Karan celebrated her label’s 25th anniversary of pumping out designed-by-woman-for-women urban chic with luxurious fabrics in a mostly black color palette.  [Though I would live in the bat-sleeve fitted-yet-baggy DKNY sweater I’ve recently acquired, I DIE for Bessie Afnaim’s collection (par example) at Donna Karan’s alt store, Urban Zen.  It’s layering at its most fearless; a single garment has its own layers and those in turn are designed to be layered upon each other.  I love this young designer!  Of Turkish descent, Bessie trained at Parsons.  She has tremendous energy and a fabulous British accent. I can’t find a picture that does her work justice, so visit the store at 705 Greenwich St. in the West Village.]

I digress.  Fashion week is an awesome circus (snow! Rachel Zoe!) but not entirely tangible for most of us:  Fall 2010? $5,000 for a single item?  What I really wanted to write about is a smaller label called Standard Finery created to “marry understated feminity and function.”*  The superb Jessa Blades, a friend who does their organic makeup, introduced me to the line, which is produced in New York’s Garment District with organic fabrics whenever possible.  I have taken a gander at designer Caron Callahan’s superb spring 2010 collection, a reinterpretation of “classic New England weekend wear” and meant to capture a “sensual mood” with “urban appeal.”  It’s still fashion, but slightly more accessible, and totally to die for.  Look & be inspired for fashion for warmer temperatures:

Lolita-esque top, a la Urban Outfitters/Lolita (see prior post!)

Can’t quite grasp the fabric, but it looks like a totally live-in-able, March-to-May transition piece that goes with everyyything. Loves. LOVES.

Must.have.shorts.  Just about the only tasteful, fashion-forward midriff peek-a-boo I’ve seen.

Yay for Standard Finery!  More small(er) label finds to come…

*P.S. As a writer for Festo, I must include Standard Finery’s thoughtful & eloquent manifesto-like vision:

“Standard [stad-derd] 1. a rule or principle that is regarded as the usual or most common size or form of its kind 2. an average or normal requirement, quality, quantity, level, grade, etc.

Finery [fahy-nuh-ree] 1. fineness, beauty 2. adornments, especially fine clothes and accessories

Standard Finery is a collection created for women who love beautiful clothes but don’t need to make a fuss about them. As the name suggests, the company ethos is rooted in well-made, feminine clothes, while keeping in mind that they should be playful, purposeful and wearable.”


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we adoooooored christopher kane’s f/w 2009 collection, sorta more than we ever really adored the neon mini dresses he made his name on.

look look look!


the top, we are not super crazy about (it belongs on an 80s career woman with feathered bangs and walk-to-work sneakers) (ie, melanie griffith in working girl), but the skirt, rules.



we know, we know, we said we were sick of already-done sheer styles. but these are just too good. both are for wearing all the time but especially to fancy and romantic italian dinners in small candlelit restaurants with dark red booths lining the walls and a man with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth playing the cello mournfully yet tastefully in the corner . . .


if botticelli’s (the birth of) venus was going out for drinks on the lower east side.


if botticelli’s (the birth of) venus had to study for an exam tomorrow.


jessica stam makes me swoon, as do the dress + shoes she sports.

and finally,

c-kane-4mr. kane’s torso gets eaten by a gorilla.

[ stefanie ]

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ergo, we have some more pictures to show you.


anna-sui-2(anna sui) (creative pattern-mixing has officially made it onto the list of 2009 resolutions (loveloveloved the many pairs of printed tights), as has a frilly romantic yet eclectic hippie aesthetic)





proenza-schouler-5(proenza schouler) (notice the very miu-miu-esque scuba detailing; not pictured: numerous pairs of knee-length shorts worn over nubby textured tights; also oh man what perfect clothes to wear while strutting around the upper east side)

we are oh so happy to see, that yet another season of fantastically vibrant hosiery is in store.

[ stefanie ]

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