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a little while ago i rambled about marina abramovic’s current exhibition at moma, but my research was faulty and i didn’t realize how many (approximately 50!) pieces were actually part of the artist is present. in the title work, ms abramovic sits for seven hours a day and viewers are allowed to sit across from her for as long as they’d like, and stare at her. she stares back. some weirdos sit for over an hour. moma posts the resultant portraits on its flickr page, and they provide for many minutes of weirdness and fascination!

Day 41, Marina Abramović by MoMA The Museum of Modern Art.

Day 40, Portrait 3 by MoMA The Museum of Modern Art.

Day 38, Portrait 10 by MoMA The Museum of Modern Art.

Day 38, Portrait 3 by MoMA The Museum of Modern Art.

Day 36, Portrait 9 by MoMA The Museum of Modern Art.

Day 30, Portrait 5 by MoMA The Museum of Modern Art.

Day 30, Portrait 2 by MoMA The Museum of Modern Art.

Day 10, Portrait 1 by MoMA The Museum of Modern Art.


everyone ends up crying, for some reason.


the portraits remind me of elf ludin’s photo project from darkness, and of andy warhol’s screen tests.


all of the images produce a false sense of intimacy bred from prolonged eye contact, and stuff. an act usually saved only for those with whom we feel an intense connection, rendered uncomfortable by proximity to a stranger and an awkward museum setting. also, some people are super weird looking, like human mr potato heads, and i wonder if marina abramovic notices.


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love love love this photo,

posted by the sartorialist on monday.

it reminds me of fabric stores and the classroom in the theatre building where i took costume construction during college, and other locales where one can’t help but find themselves awash in hue. when i make art i usually find myself creating line drawings in ink or shadowy charcoal compositions, always in black and white, but whenever i’m at a museum i’m always drawn to the most colorful pieces, and i spend hours salivating in front of van gogh, rothko, and matisse, vowing to incorporate more color the next time i have a canvas in front of me.

(l’italienne, vincent van gogh)

Mark Rothko. Untitled. (1968)

(untitled, mark rothko)

spring is great because flowers bloom blah blah blah but the season also has such a nice light about it, making those flowers all the more beautiful but also lending a special sheen to rusty basketball hoops and not-yet-blooming trees and other previously dingy looking items that are really so colorful and beautiful if you take the time to look. few things are more inspirational than bright colors and odd color combinations, so LOOK AROUND and soak it in.

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happy day before earth day, too


DID YOU KNOW that there are real-life superheroes among us?


real people, that is, who slide into spandex suits on a nightly basis and troll around our cities, delivering some good old fashioned vigilante justice to america and its denizens.


zetaman, for example, pounds the portland pavement, handing food out to the homeless and sometimes picking up litter. and squeegeeman keeps new york free of “crime and grime”, oh yes he does.


the always-present risk for real live superheroes is, of course, real live SUPERVILLAINS. a friend of zetaman’s, a californian superhero who sports a ninja costume, was attacked by some dude wearing a costume and super-something pads. i’m tempted to call him a superweirdo but that would be judgemental so i will not.


aside from supervillains, however, these masked crusaders are super AWESOME and seem to have really good hearts. zetaman‘s wife (ms meow) loves how much he cares about his fellow portlanders, which is adorable. zetaman used to wear tights but they were uncomfortable so he switched to cargo pants. A+, friend.



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sophie blackall combines beautiful illustrations with craiglist’s always fascinating missed connections posts.

sometimes creepy stalkers + the internets + artsy drawings = the best

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while watching endless summer, i came up with a brief sartorial summer to-buy list. this is it:


1. baggy cuffed denim shorts


2. super ugly pair of wooden-soled shoes



3. straw boater hat


4. a “boyfriend” blazer (i hate that phrase, it’s almost as bad as a “wifebeater” tank top)



5. cut-out dress



am also very into all the beige/off-white/white so-called minimalism going on. it’s trendy, but also elegant and pretty and super for the summertime, as long as your popsicle doesn’t drip on your shorts and ruin everything.




(chloe; celine; mad men)


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my father, an avid cyclist who’s been wearing spandex and shaving his legs since the early 70s, insists that adeline adeline (profiled in today’s nytimes) can’t possibly be a real bike store.

we beg to differ!

adeline adeline (147 reade street) was founded by a graphic designer who did not want a racing bicycle or a fixie and thus was forced to open her own store. the bicycles are super pretty — they’re inspired by the lovely vintage type bikes stylish ladies ride around amsterdam — and are meant to coordinate well with pretty dresses and shoes (bicycles can be accessories like any other) while also providing a comfy and enjoyable ride. (to prove it, customers are allowed to test-ride bikes around tribeca and in the nearby park before buying.) so the aesthetics of bike riding are fully embraced.

even better, for those of us whose concerned cyclist fathers are lurking in the background, there is a full service repair shop downstairs to prove that, although super stylish, adeline adeline is a real life bike store concerned with function as well as fashion.

BEST OF ALL the bicycles come in sizes, including sizes small enough for the shortest of ladies (eg under 5′ 3″, which hopefully includes those who are a mere 4′ 11 1/2″).

oh oh and, even better than best of all, the bicycles are really very affordable. the dutchie 1 (pictured below), for example, is only $399. hooray fashion!

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I’ll be honest enough in saying that, for the most part, I do judge books by their covers.  I always have.  In fact, I even wrote a college essay about it.  But, rather than shamelessly acknowledge my tendency with pride and conviction (because there is legitimacy to this type of judgment!), I recoiled in fear of what they might think of my inclination towards assumption.  Hell, I practically apologized to them, resulting in my failure to win their approval and acceptance.  I will take this opportunity to Carpe Diem, and publicly acknowledge my relentless quest for the greatest books in existence, the main qualifier being, naturally, their cover (read: NOT the sleeve).

I have much more to say on the subject and so little time to do it in.  Therefore, I will leave you with the following:  A brief catalog of 20th Century book cover design. Now seriously.. even if the story is bad, these books are winners.


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etsy etsy etsy

here are some snazzy crafts for browsing buying and procrastinating.

1. paisleymagic’s ostrich tote

2. hitree’s decapitated unicorn

3. thetreehousestudio’s feather print

4. orangetwist’s vintage bicycle cards

5. maleaab’s woodgrain cards

6. laurelsbench’s ring

7. icecreamcandy’s rose earrings

8. ellynelly’s fern wall graphic

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but we went to the most delicious little restaurant in brooklyn a few nights ago, called moto, in the south of williamsburg, yumyum.

moto is tiny dark and rustic, the light fixtures were lovely, the live music was folky and great, and the food was so so good. the menu looks small but once you look closer there are many delicious options (such as a panini with portobelle mushrooms, goat cheese, and arugula; saffron risoto with vegetables; spicy tomato soup with brie crouton; grilled doughnuts; and many more!) that were all $16 or less. the wine list was extensive too. vegetarians and meat eaters alike delighted in the delectable delicacies. only one bathroom, but you can’t win ’em all.



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