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i would like mine to be aurel schmidt.

aurel schmidt is a really rad artist who was born in canada and now lives and works in new york. if you do a google search for ms schmidt, it’s hard to find an actual artist’s website amongst all the hype and magazine articles, but we encourage you to try.

in the meantime, here is a show she did at saatchi gallery (london) entitled body swallows world. here is another show she did at the very trendy deitch projects (ny) called man eater.




so not only is she an insanely talented illustrator in terms of being able to draw a damn good banana peel, but she manages to take her ridiculously accurate eye for detail and mimicry and use it in the service of beautiful sorta subversive art that is much much more than a damn good banana peel. aurel schmidt is arcimboldo trapped in a pretty lady’s body, wandering around new york city wondering at the trash and using it like vegetables to make a drippy trippy face. she uses average things (the aforementioned banana peel, cigarette butts, etc) and collects them into a context, creating art that’s part contemporary drawing, part duchampian ready-made, part ode to new york and its detruitus. in an interview in tokion magazine, she said “if i could do anything, it would be laughing at life without being ironic.”


so you see, aurel schmidt is not only a kickass artist but also a really really cool and centered very special lady.


also aurel schmidt paints her fingernails lime green and so do i.



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oh hello there

we at festo are super into all things lively and cultural

something lively and cultural on our minds at the moment is fashion week, duh, and as we are ferociously tearing through photos of (sheer sheer sheer brights pastels long blazers ohmygod is it the 90s again and haven’t people been rolling up their mom jeans for a while now?) gorgeous clothing, we thought it appropriate to share some of our thoughts. don’t you worry more will soon follow.

charles anastase, wheeere have you been since spring/summer 2005? with the caveat that we melt for big ugly hip old man glasses, and also any collection that merits a mention of lula, we thought his mellow spring-y colors & fabrics (look number one, the little white dress in eyelet lace, awww) combined with snazzy puffy silhouettes, make it easy to picture what one would want to wear while following a herd of well-dressed sheep around a flowery meadow. also of note: that straw hat that was all over marc jacobs, puffy tutu shapes a la miu miu last spring, onesies like whoa (reminded us of stella mccartney’s pajama party), layers layers layers, prominent socks and ankles (a trend we first noticed in stockholm last year), and softness punctuated with leather and other tough stuff. charles, we like you.

oh and luella, holy crap luella, what pretty perfect outfits. asymmetry without being icky, really successful blending of bright colors without looking too much like the klaxons used to (put that neon green away, and grab some tangerine instead, and then throw on some purple, and then, kapow), hair bows!!! we totally knew the 50s were on the upswing (another stockholm-related epiphany), coco chanel esque layered pearls, one shouldered dresses, still floral prints of the liberty-inspired variety, and teased hair all over the place. oh we are fans. such enormous fans.

and another thing, we were reading the latest issue of tokion yesterday, and learned about a techno festival in new york that features a deaf disco, that plays music with the bass turned up so that deaf festival goers can feel the vibrations and dance about with all of their hearing friends. pretty bitchin.

come back soon. read more. we’ll bake you a pie.

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