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Since it’s Friday, today will be festo Lite for this post-er.  No manifestos, no reflections on consumerism or objectification.  Just the unique entertainment that is AWKWARD FAMILY PHOTOS.  Looking through old family photo albums can be so FUN…  or the source of anxiety, especially when your awkward years stretched from 18 months to 18.  Never fear!  These exists a forum where you can post your photos & face your [awkward] face.  Or even more therapeutic, gawk/cringe/laugh (all at the same time!) at everyone else’s!  This is a recent favorite:

“These boots were made for…”

The site is a vast repository of awkward family photos spanning decades with cheeky titles and endless comments from their loyal readers.  Some of those from the 70s and 80s are reminders of an esthetic that in 2010 just seems awkward, but back then was awesome!  (And given the current obsession with 80s “fashion”, dare I say a source of inspiration?) Case in point:

“Fast times”

Other ones are truly just awkward/creepy:

I highly recommend visiting the current Hot Tub Time Machine Totally Awkward Top 5 for some priceless shots and a brief tasting of the huge archives of AFP.

Enjoy!  And if you’ve got an AFP treasure (and we all do), don’t hold out on us– submit it to the site and then shoot us a link!


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if you listen to


architecture in helsinki,


vampire weekend,


animal collective,


you should download (for free!) esau mwamwaya and radioclit are the very best. it is lovable. it will make you feel musically on-the-ball. and it is free music. at times, the album sounds like karaoke (like track 3, tengazako). other times, though, it is karaoke TO THE MAXXX and we mean that in the best way possible, in that the tunes are familiar but the vibe is new. even other times, the tunes are new and the vibe is new. all in all, it is worth many listens.

oh. and. green owl, the label releasing the aforementioned indiedancepop lovefest, seems pretty kewl. and if their take on sustainable music is intriguing or appealing to you, perhaps you should check out heres to the long haul, a bluegrass-y mountainous sort of band that cares about the terrible effects of coal mining.

good music, and respect for the planet, are a really wonderful combination, no?

[ stefanie ]

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if you find yourself in manhattan before 17 january, make sure to swing by danziger projects (521 west 26th street). the current exhibition, sander’s children, explores photography by and inspired by august sander, a really fantastic fellow who lived and worked in cologne in the first half of the 20th century.


( august sander / girl in a caravan / 1930 )


( richard avedon / bob dylan / new york city, 1965 )


( milton rogovin / untitled / from the lower west side, 1969-1973 )

when every creative venture feels like a distilled version of something that someone else did first (these days), we really enjoy an art show that doesn’t try to treat pastiche as a secret. that, and the photos are really great, and galleries are a nice free alternative to museums (but make sure you don’t go on a monday or tuesday, when visits are by appointment only).

if you don’t find yourself in new york anytime soon, it is still very worthwhile to check out owner james danziger’s blog, the year in pictures. it is nice, to feel like an art world insider at times.

[ stefanie ]

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here are some nifty websites to check out.

oh my rockness lists tons of indie shows going on in new york, chicago, and la. you can click on tabs to see only the recommended shows, or only the freshly listed shows, but we prefer to see only the free shows.

myopenbar.com is an equally super resource, taking the time to compile and share tons of drink specials and happy hours in manhattan and brooklyn (and san francisco, and la, and chicago, and honolulu, and miami). because alcohol is always better, when it is free.

FREEwilliamsburg is a little more blog-y than the aforementioned blogs, but in between posts about LOLhipsters and prop 8: the musical, there are posts about free concerts and free art and free culture and free fun things to do (as well as links to a billion restaurants, bars, and other nyc/culture based sites). free free free. in williamsburg. in brooklyn.

now go out and buy yourself something pretty.

[ stefanie ]

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as residents of virginia, philly, and virginia, we are always bitter when super things happen in new york and we can’t make it to the city in time to attend.

i.e. it really sucked when, after spending quality time with the original paris-based colette, we didn’t have a chance to see the gap + colette store when it sprung up in september and then quickly vanished. bum.

now, we are once again missing out on yet another enticing culture pod: karl lagerfeld’s ode to a purse, currently taking up residence in central park. the “chanel mobile art pavilion”, commissioned by largerfeld and designed by architect zaha hadid (she, is really really wonderful, and also one of three fantastic guest editors for the current issue of wallpaper), contains loads of art inspired by the Chanel 2.55 bag. the roving museum’s international tour also includes stops in hong kong, tokyo, london, moscow, and paris. new york magazine has very kindly posted a video tour for those of us who can’t make it to manhattan in time.

(for those of you who can, the exhibit is open until 9 november, and tickets are free)

we will admit, we were expecting 200+ artfully done yet eventually dull photos of purses, but to our gleeful surprise some of the pieces seem to be really well done, both in concept and execution. definitely, absolutely, worth your time.

[ stefanie ]

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