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prada has emerged with kickass cat-eye frames for next fall:

Prada Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

normally i’m not crazy about eyeglasses that come with built-in eyebrows but i really think the shape of these is the cat’s meow, ahaha, but seriously everything else about the late 50s/early 60s style has been reexplored and regurgitated for the past few years and glasses like these are the next logical step. a self-serving trend forecast, but whatevs, we trust that you will wear them well.

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howard zinn died last month, and so i decided to finally finish a people’s history of the united states. a very good decision, one that i highly recommend.

zinn was a history professor, scholar, writer, and playwright. he writes history from the point of view of the oppressed (poor people, black people, women, american indians, people from vietnam and the phillippines, american communists, etc etc) rather than the oppressors, who unfortunately tend to be the ones writing the history books and historical documents in the first place (the founding fathers, the american government, etc etc). a lot of the reviewers on amazon criticize zinn for being a socialist or a socialist sympathizer–but who really cares either way? the point he tries to make is that there are countless narratives to tell the story of past events, but all too often these bajillion pluralistic points of view are boiled down into a singular historical narrative that only takes the hegemonic opinion into account. zinn isn’t “socialist” or “communist” or anything like that. on the contrary, he writes books that attempt to un-politicize history.


no matter what your personal politics are, it’s still totally worth it to learn the story of a traditionally belittled people from them, rather than the people who did the belittling.



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i would like mine to be aurel schmidt.

aurel schmidt is a really rad artist who was born in canada and now lives and works in new york. if you do a google search for ms schmidt, it’s hard to find an actual artist’s website amongst all the hype and magazine articles, but we encourage you to try.

in the meantime, here is a show she did at saatchi gallery (london) entitled body swallows world. here is another show she did at the very trendy deitch projects (ny) called man eater.




so not only is she an insanely talented illustrator in terms of being able to draw a damn good banana peel, but she manages to take her ridiculously accurate eye for detail and mimicry and use it in the service of beautiful sorta subversive art that is much much more than a damn good banana peel. aurel schmidt is arcimboldo trapped in a pretty lady’s body, wandering around new york city wondering at the trash and using it like vegetables to make a drippy trippy face. she uses average things (the aforementioned banana peel, cigarette butts, etc) and collects them into a context, creating art that’s part contemporary drawing, part duchampian ready-made, part ode to new york and its detruitus. in an interview in tokion magazine, she said “if i could do anything, it would be laughing at life without being ironic.”


so you see, aurel schmidt is not only a kickass artist but also a really really cool and centered very special lady.


also aurel schmidt paints her fingernails lime green and so do i.



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I’m slightly obsessed with this song right now, and thought I would share:

Painting by Chagall, The Weepies

Thunder rumbles in the distance, a quiet intensity
I am willful, your insistence is tugging at the best of me
You’re the moon, I’m the water
You’re Mars, calling up Neptune’s daughter

Sometimes rain that’s needed falls
We float like two lovers in a painting by Chagall
All around is sky and blue town
Holding these flowers for a wedding gown
We live so high above the ground, satellites surround us.

I am humbled in this city
There seems to be an endless sea of people like us
Wakeful dreamers, I pass them on the sunlit streets
In our rooms filled with laughter
We make hope from every small disaster

Everybody says “you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, don’t try.”
Still everybody says that if they had the chance they’d fly like we do.



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at diane’s behest, i am back. hi

here are some things that have been going on lately:

i decided to be a vegan, sort of, and yesterday made the most delicious quinoa with chick peas and zucchini, oh boy it was yummy and easy and the whole house smelled like cumin and turmeric afterward, which was even better. very highly recommended.

i bought a romper yesterday. my dreams are finally realized. this one is strapless and not at all hard to pee in, which has always been a onesie issue for me in the past. currently i am in the process of searching target.com for a link to their onesie department. i got mine in the store but there were like five or six other styles, and although some of them fit super shitty i’m sure you’ll find one to suit your unique onesie needs.

now i’m lost in the baby department. these onesies are too small, although lady gaga would obviously look great in one. down with pants, etc etc.

one of the onesies says “gulp” on it, i’m not sure why, but it looks like a gas station logo, which if you ask me is incorrigible. babies should not be taught dependence on nonrenewable resources at such an early age. even worse are the “similar categories” on the left, which include “attitude tees” and “trendy baby boy”. vom.

Product Image

the problem is, a onesie doesn’t fit into the women’s clothing section’s labels. no one puts onesies in a corner. is it a top? bottom? shorts? weekend wear? dammit.

wait, i think i’ve found it. yes. yes i have. rompers rule, because they can be dressed up (tights + blazer) or down (romper + ballet flats). i like my onesies as shorts, but marc by marc jacobs likes his long:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

a long lost friend of mine called me a while ago. if i understood his voicemail correctly, he was walking home with a pizza one day when he looked in a window and saw marc jacobs and so he went inside and gave marc jacobs his pizza. i must make an effort to refriend this friend. he’s the best, and very generous with pizzas.

now i’m trying to find the new animal collective ep, somewhere. i never know how to find music online. the whole process is endlessly frustrating. instead i will go upstairs and put jefferson airplane’s surrealistic pillow on the record player, because ever since i saw a serious man “somebody to love” has been seriously stuck in my head. also, grace slick is the best, always. i wanna be her almost as much as i wanna be karen o, or maybe a little bit more.

i’ll leave you with a link to the selvedge yard, a super rad blog that published old photos and stuff. here is the governor of california in a banana hammock:

Arnold Schwarzenegger with female friend in his prime, 1970s.


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It’s Friday, Chill TF Out!

Pour yourself a glass of wine (still at work? take a lunch break), relaaaaax, listen to the intoxicatingly simple guitar riffs (ok I don’t know what riffs are, but maybe?) of Alejandro Rosso (below) and Emilio de Benito (above).


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13 going on Genius

To follow up..

rei kawakubo (H&M) from Tavi G on Vimeo.

I think she has a better vocabulary than me.  What school are these people sending their child to??  I remember back in my middle school days I was savvy enough to jump on the internet website wagon, but too daft to think of anything to talk about other than Hanson.  For her sake, I hope her engine has enough coal to power her through the rest of life with this work ethic, wit and passion.  And, ah, the benefits of growing up in NYC.

Thank you for sharing, Mairin.


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