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At some point I’ll publish a guide to the best Brooklyn (Ok, probably just Williamsburg) boutiques, but until then, I NEED you to see what I spy from my kitchen window every night (and for which I have developed a platonic love):

Ok, this bag is actually part of a much more fabulous display at the tiny, almost-never-open-for-business Shana Tabor’s In God We Trust boutique on Wythe Ave, near Bedford Ave. (I understand they have other locations that are more accessible.)  The imaginative blurb on the inspiration for the boutique reads: “the spirit of the boy who refused to grow up pervades the warmly lit, inviting space. Here, both men and women can find clothing and accessories that suggest wistful whimsy and Tabor’s belief in ‘uniting the adventure, play, and fantasy of youth with grown-up ensembles that can be taken seriously.'”

Pair that tote with this mini-duffel…

…combine with Standard Finery looks (see previous post) and you are all set for a dandy spring getaway weekend, whether you’re traveling to Nantucket or Never Never Land.  Hurray! Shop here.


Update: I purchased the weekender for my globetrotting brother after weeks of pining.  I hear that they’re made in Portland, Oregon, by a company that specializes in heavy duty canvas wear & tents: indestructible and irrestible!   On my visit, I noticed that if you want the whole set, there are two other smaller bags, including a shaving case + toiletry bag, perfect inserts for the larger carry-alls.

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berlin fashion week (28 jan – 1 feb) is gonna rule.

facehunter will be there (a tip, if you are eager to get your picture taken, is to wear an eye-catching hat and/or talk loudly about stockholm), as will iekeline stange (projektgalerie is putting up an exhibit of her polaroid photography, entitled “i like ponies”, which should be nifty, and also she has such a wonderfully quirky style), and a lot of really fuckin cool berliners.

the city itself is wonderful — covered in graffiti, full of galleries and dark bars and artists’ squats and falafel places — and fashion weeks are always fun to loiter around.


img_0111(photos are from spring break 2007; the top one is from the east side gallery, and the bottom is en route to the medical history museum; if you are ever in the same place as a medical history museum, and are not the squeamish type, go right away)

who else is in berlin, you ask? an artist by the name of chiharu shiota, is who, and last we saw she was creating enormous installations of dark string, windows, baby shoes, and burned wedding dresses.

chiharu-shiota(photo from the artist’s website)

here are some german words to take with you on your travels:




[ stefanie ]

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