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So, I’ll just be upfront and confess.  I have an unhealthy addiction to Bravo‘s reality shows – namely all the Real Housewives of where ever, and newly – Millionaire Matchmaker.  This season, there was an episode featuring millionaire Daniel Maltzman who is a thirty-something artist in the LA area looking for none other than his soul mate.  Patti Stanger is infamous for her bluntness when dealing with these hopeless daters.  Her comments to him mainly consisted of: “Stop being a fame obsessed bloodhound – women don’t want to hear you name drop.” 

Anyway, the episode was typical besides one thing: we were taken into his studio by the cameras, which is fabulous and filled with larger than life canvases colored with portraits of his famous clients, such as Paris Hilton and Madonna.  He also mentioned something about some famous twins that were “rather cute” – The Olsens??  Many of the articles that have featured an interview with Mary-Kate speak of her art collections and I would certainly invest however many thousands it would take to have a portrait of myself painted by Maltzman – if I had that sort of money.


 I mean, if he can make Paris Hilton look this good, and I mean good as in good person, with a loving pet and a dose of modesty, just imagine what else he is capable of artistically.

On his website, you can browse through images of his old and new works.  The categories include abstracts, bright panel abstracts, women, celebrities, faces, shadows, kids, in spaces (photos of his art within galleries), and tv’s ditry sexy money (which actually consists of pictures of him with important people in important places…).   His abstracts are rather typical of work being made these days, but he certainly seems to have talent that is worth attention within his portraiture and the weird shadow figure paintings.

 While he might be hooked on the holloywood scene like I’m hooked on Bravo, I don’t deny good looking art when I see it.  Seems to be doing him well on any right.  Happy browsing.



Abstract 2






Shadows in a Gallery

 Also, I have to add this one cause I like it.  Walt Disney? Who knows, but Mickey sure looks happy as ever.  I enjoy the use of color to create juxtaposition between the subjects and message, and the play on perspective and depth.  Yeah, I like his work.

New Paintings


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dear stieglitz

even a few words i don’t feel like writing.

you know exactly what i think about photography.

i would like to see it make people despise

painting until something else will make

photography unbearable —

there we are.


marcel duchamp

17 may 1922, new york

[ stefanie ]

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spent part of the afternoon reading new american paintings, and came across allison cortson, an la based artist. she, is great.




her dust paintings are our favorites, and the fact that many of them are crazily large only adds to the appeal. her figures are photo-realistic, surrounded with dust collected from the individuals’ respective habitats and arranged on the canvas to depict an environment. she says that each person’s dust is a slightly different shade, and we think that is the neatest part of all.

her pastel drawings are not too shabby, either.


speaking of particle accelerators? what the bleep do we know is one of the best movies we’ve seen lately (as long as you can get past some iffy cinematography and a really odd animation sequence). we recommend.

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