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Dumdeedum, lazy Saturday spent watering plants, cleaning, doing other tasks I’ve otherwise put off… including watching some Say Yes to the Dress, the TLC show that follows brides as they shop for their wedding gear at Kleinfeld in Manhattan.  As reality TV goes, it’s not a particularly brilliant show (The Real Housewives of NY has really stepped it up this season… especially that last episode with Kelly-gone-psycho and Bethenny’s high-larious “46 pinot grigios” comment), but I still get hooked.  It reminded me of this one Gatsby-esque wedding dress that I liked at J. Crew, which sadly is no longer for sale.  In an attempt to find something similar, I google-imaged “Great Gatsby wedding” and stumbled upon Once Wed, a photograph-rich blog chronicling, among other things, hipster theme weddings.  It has to be seen to be believed.

Josh Goleman behind the lens for Great Gatsby wedding

their wedding is in a forest?!

circus wedding!

…really? really? I love that these people have avoided the cheese of 99.99% of all weddings.  It’s so artsy fartsy and dreamy and in the countryside and blah blah. Fantastical.


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Since it’s Friday, today will be festo Lite for this post-er.  No manifestos, no reflections on consumerism or objectification.  Just the unique entertainment that is AWKWARD FAMILY PHOTOS.  Looking through old family photo albums can be so FUN…  or the source of anxiety, especially when your awkward years stretched from 18 months to 18.  Never fear!  These exists a forum where you can post your photos & face your [awkward] face.  Or even more therapeutic, gawk/cringe/laugh (all at the same time!) at everyone else’s!  This is a recent favorite:

“These boots were made for…”

The site is a vast repository of awkward family photos spanning decades with cheeky titles and endless comments from their loyal readers.  Some of those from the 70s and 80s are reminders of an esthetic that in 2010 just seems awkward, but back then was awesome!  (And given the current obsession with 80s “fashion”, dare I say a source of inspiration?) Case in point:

“Fast times”

Other ones are truly just awkward/creepy:

I highly recommend visiting the current Hot Tub Time Machine Totally Awkward Top 5 for some priceless shots and a brief tasting of the huge archives of AFP.

Enjoy!  And if you’ve got an AFP treasure (and we all do), don’t hold out on us– submit it to the site and then shoot us a link!


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Good morning, New Yorkers! It’s a beautiful day.

cloudy with a chance of meatballs
sunny with highs in the 60s!

Why not take advantage of the suggestively springlike breezes to go outside and do some grocery shopping?

if you don’t look, you might miss it

May I recommend Tedone Latticini at 597 Metropolitan Ave in historic Williamsburg (…Brooklyn)?  I had first seen this store window back in May while watching One in 8 Million, nytimes’ audio-visual series on random New Yorkers (e.g. “The Urban Taxidermist”).  “The Mozzarella Maker” is Georgiana DePalma, a 90-something-year-old who still makes mozzarella, manning the counter at Tedone on Saturdays:

If I didn’t have my own independence, that would be putting me in a coffin.

One afternoon this January I almost walked right on by that storefront, until a vision of the stunning photograph of Georgiana sitting behind the counter said to me:  Hold on.  This is Georgia’s place.  Without searching for it, I found it, and there was Georgia right in front of me, greeting the steady flow of  neighborhood patrons.  Everyone calls her Georgie– Jawrrr-jeeee— pronounced like the cleaning lady George was screwing in The Red Dot/cashmere episode.

Before heading out for your own mozzarella balls (or a fine eggplant/mozzarella/prosciutto sandwich), watch “The Mozzarella Maker” for its stunning black and white photographs and to hear DePalma’s transporting voice.  Afterwards, there’s no way you can miss Tedone and its very special lady behind the counter.


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at diane’s behest, i am back. hi

here are some things that have been going on lately:

i decided to be a vegan, sort of, and yesterday made the most delicious quinoa with chick peas and zucchini, oh boy it was yummy and easy and the whole house smelled like cumin and turmeric afterward, which was even better. very highly recommended.

i bought a romper yesterday. my dreams are finally realized. this one is strapless and not at all hard to pee in, which has always been a onesie issue for me in the past. currently i am in the process of searching target.com for a link to their onesie department. i got mine in the store but there were like five or six other styles, and although some of them fit super shitty i’m sure you’ll find one to suit your unique onesie needs.

now i’m lost in the baby department. these onesies are too small, although lady gaga would obviously look great in one. down with pants, etc etc.

one of the onesies says “gulp” on it, i’m not sure why, but it looks like a gas station logo, which if you ask me is incorrigible. babies should not be taught dependence on nonrenewable resources at such an early age. even worse are the “similar categories” on the left, which include “attitude tees” and “trendy baby boy”. vom.

Product Image

the problem is, a onesie doesn’t fit into the women’s clothing section’s labels. no one puts onesies in a corner. is it a top? bottom? shorts? weekend wear? dammit.

wait, i think i’ve found it. yes. yes i have. rompers rule, because they can be dressed up (tights + blazer) or down (romper + ballet flats). i like my onesies as shorts, but marc by marc jacobs likes his long:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

a long lost friend of mine called me a while ago. if i understood his voicemail correctly, he was walking home with a pizza one day when he looked in a window and saw marc jacobs and so he went inside and gave marc jacobs his pizza. i must make an effort to refriend this friend. he’s the best, and very generous with pizzas.

now i’m trying to find the new animal collective ep, somewhere. i never know how to find music online. the whole process is endlessly frustrating. instead i will go upstairs and put jefferson airplane’s surrealistic pillow on the record player, because ever since i saw a serious man “somebody to love” has been seriously stuck in my head. also, grace slick is the best, always. i wanna be her almost as much as i wanna be karen o, or maybe a little bit more.

i’ll leave you with a link to the selvedge yard, a super rad blog that published old photos and stuff. here is the governor of california in a banana hammock:

Arnold Schwarzenegger with female friend in his prime, 1970s.


[ stefanie ]

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i continue to make my way through the aforementioned a supposedly fun thing i’ll never do again by david foster wallace, deterred only momentarily by a four-day backpacking trip where daylight was spent hiking up mountains not reading books. now i am back in civilization, and back to ravenously eating up every word davey f walls puts down.

in his essay “e unibus pluram: television and u.s. fiction” he quotes a dude named lewis hyde (oh man, how i love the footnotes) as saying “irony has only emergency use. carried over time, it is the voice of the trapped who have come to enjoy their cage.” adbusters, eat your heart out.

he also shares a passage by novelist don delillo, whom i am now inspired to read as soon as i finish this book and then infinite jest because really how can i consider myself an obsessed fan of dfw without reading his biggest book i mean really i should be ashamed of myself.

this is from delillo’s 1985 white noise:

several days later murray asked me about a tourist attraction known as the most photographed barn in america. we drove twenty-two miles into the country around farmington. there were meadows and apple orchards. white fences trailed through the rolling fields. soon the signs started appearing. THE MOST PHOTOGRAPHED BARN IN AMERICA. we counted five signs before we reached the site . . . we walked along a cowpath to the slightly elevated spot set aside for viewing and photographing. all the people had cameras; some had tripods, telephoto lenses, filter kits. a man in a booth sold postcards and slides — pictures of the barn taken from the elevated spot. we stood near a grove of trees and watched the photographers. murray maintained a prolonged silence, occasionally scrawling some notes in a little book.

“no one sees the barn,” he said finally.

a long silence followed.

“once you’ve seen the signs about the barn, it becomes impossible to see the barn.”

he fell silent once more. people with cameras left the elevated site, replaced at once by some others.

“we’re not here to capture an image. we’re here to maintain one. can you feel it, jack? an accumulation of nameless energies.”

there was an extended silence. the man in the booth sold postcards and slides.

“being here is kind of a spiritual surrender. we see only what the others see. the thousands who were here in the past, those who will come in the future. we’ve agreed to be part of a collective perception. this literally colors our vision. a religious experience in a way, like all tourism.”

another silence ensued.

“they are taking pictures of taking pictures,” he said.

. . . “what was the barn like before it was photographed?” he said. “what did it look like, how was it different from other barns, how was it similar to other barns? we can’t answer these questions because we’ve read the signs, seen the people snapping the pictures. we can’t get outside the aura. we’re part of the aura. we’re here, we’re now.”

he seemed immensely pleased by this.

david foster wallace has much to say about delillo. lots of intruguing insightful ideas. i will not tell you what they are. i am such a literary tease, eh? you should really, really really read this book.

[ stefanie ]

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this outfit is to dieeeee for; switch the purse for something a little less fringe-y, and consider this chick to be the epitome of my sartorial dreams.

[ stefanie ]

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dear stieglitz

even a few words i don’t feel like writing.

you know exactly what i think about photography.

i would like to see it make people despise

painting until something else will make

photography unbearable —

there we are.


marcel duchamp

17 may 1922, new york

[ stefanie ]

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i searched for a wide variety of elf ludins and ull londins until i finally came upon ulf lundin, a photographer whose name i’ve been trying to remember since the summer.

lundin lives and works in stockholm, and has shown at moderna museet, london’s frieze art fair, art forum berlin, and more!

the project that sticks out in my mind most vividly is still films. he sets up a camera in a spot and takes photo after photo for some predetermined period of time; then, he layers the images to produce a snapshot of time, “somewhere between documentary and staged photography”.

his video bless you shows people trying to sneeze. sometimes, they do.


from darkness is lundin’s exploration of the effects of isolation on portraiture. he leaves his subjects alone in a dark room, unaware of when the photo might occur. the resulting blank faces and dull stares provide an intriguing look at what people are like when they are alone.



ulf-lundin(all photos by ulf lundin)

duh, we love photography. duh, we love anything swedish. BUT mr. lundin is one of the more thoughtful photographers we’ve seen lately, and we respect the way he uses his art to get at deeper issues of time and existence.

and his name is ulf. we dig that, too.

[ stefanie ]

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this, we disapprove of.

sartorialist-big-denim(from the sartorialist)

we try to give europe the benefit of the doubt. we really do. but this dude looks like the threw on the jnco’s he wore in middle school, plus some odd sunglasses (i have a pair that look just like this; i try them on every day, in hopes that perhaps they will look less silly than they did the day before; they never, ever do), plus a scarf to feel chic plus some ipod headphones so as not to hear the chuckling as he walks by.

are we wrong? is this super stylish and chic? should i call my older sister and ask if she still has all the 3-person-sized pants she wore to e-fueled raves back in high school? please, do share your opinions.

[ stefanie ]

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my interest in fashion is only half about the funness of dressing up. the other half, is more sociological in nature. why do people choose to clothe themselves the way they do? is it to stick out or fit in? why do so many so-called countercultures seem to adhere to a uniform, when their credos so often revolve around the idea of being different? do they dress to set themselves apart from the mainstream, or to fit in with other members of their own, more selective group? which comes first, the socialization or the mimicry of style? how does dov charney know exactly what every resident of williamsburg, brooklyn wants to be wearing, always? and so on.

exactitudes is a photo project undertaken by ari versluis, a rotterdam-based photographer, and ellie uyttenbroek. since 1994 they’ve been documenting the fashion habits of social groups, resulting in “an almost scientific, anthropological record of people’s attempts to distinguish themselves from others by assuming a group identity”.

take a look, and now go get dressed.

[ stefanie ]

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