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vintage and hand crafted items to wear, look at, and serve on, at your fabulous memorial day bbq. hoorah

1. timebombvintage

VINTAGE 50s Red and White Checked=
STALKS IN BLUE - Original TtV Fine Art Photography Print - Signed and Dated --BUY 2 GET 1 FREE--
Yellow Metal Stars Garden Ornament
Crab salt and pepper shakers
Let's Kick It, Gocco Screen-Printed Card
Kitchen tea dish towel, Virgin of Guadalupe, Mary, free shipping
and what will you serve at this fabulously stylish bbq, you wonder?
this grilled tuna is really really delicious and super easy (make sure to marinate for at least an hour). this corn and tomato salad is perfect for the summertime — fresh and crisp and ideal for outdoor eating on a hot day. if grilling isn’t yo thang, this heirloom tomato pasta is one of the yummiest things ever (hopefully your farmer’s market is open for the summer and you can get some very very fresh tomatoes and basil). and also veggie kabobs (zucchini, onions, mushrooms, campari tomatoes, etc) and corn (shuck it, slather with butter, sprinkle on some cajun seasoning, put the leaves back up, wrap in aluminum foil, and grill baby grill) and applie pie of course and homemade popsicles and memorial day wouldn’t be memorial day without some delicious summery beers (we like anchor steam, harpoon ipa, and brooklyn summer ale) and maybe if you are lucky some delicious mojitos.
remember your sunscreen.
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etsy etsy etsy

here are some snazzy crafts for browsing buying and procrastinating.

1. paisleymagic’s ostrich tote

2. hitree’s decapitated unicorn

3. thetreehousestudio’s feather print

4. orangetwist’s vintage bicycle cards

5. maleaab’s woodgrain cards

6. laurelsbench’s ring

7. icecreamcandy’s rose earrings

8. ellynelly’s fern wall graphic

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the holidays may be over, but card-giving season never ends.


we found letterform, a chicago-based graphic design firm, and then we found their foodie greeting cards. so, damn, witty. and cute, and quirky, and the perfect piece of paper to give to all your foodie (or non-foodie, but funny) friends.






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found this headband on etsy. want it, desperately.


it reminds us of manish arora‘s spring/summer 08 show. especially his finale, a magical gown covered in technicolor butterflies. when the dress emerged, it made everyone in the room stand up and cheer; we suspect you would encounter the same reaction if you strapped on this headband and went, uh, anywhere.



then again, arora’s designs tend towards the psychedelic (we can very easily imagine tom wolfe describing said gown in the electric kool-aid acid test) whereas the headband is sorta sophisticated and stately. for the brave, but not too brave.


we think isabella blow would have approved.


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One of the most enjoyable things about my Thursdays are getting to pick out what clothes to put on the one-year-old baby girl that I babysit. Her name is kate and I like to imagine how one day she might be really fashionable and that my styling of her might possibly have something to do with it. I will say that it is no easy feat, however, when all of the color choices given me within a 50 piece wardrobe are pink, pink, pink, green, pink, white and blue. There are no more obvious examples of forced gender roles amongst kids than this. Somehow, they tend to be drawn towards babydolls/ war toys on their own, respectively. But, I’m rambling.

The reason for this post is my recent discovery that Jean Paul Gaultier (who happens to make a favorite scent of mine, Le Male) will be launching a children’s clothing line for ages 2 to 14 within an agreement singed with France’s Zannier Group. The first collection will consist of 120 pieces for both boys and girls and is to be unveiled during the 2009/2010 Fall Winter show. His line will join Zannier Group’s current brands such as Little Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, and Levi’s.

Little Marc Jacobs

This photograph is for Little Marc Jacobs from one of his previous collections. I wanted to include a more recent image but have not yet found a way to get the designer’s images. So, to make up for it, I will give you the link and implore you to have a look through his SS 09 Ready to Wear collection. In addition to being phenomenal fashion photographs, you can dissect the cultural-implication-shit out of them Sally Mann style. Cruelty to kids? Maybe, but I think it’s a lot of fun.

So this is not brand new, that is, designers creating pieces for the miniature people of the earth. However, what I hope, and what I have the inclination foresee, is more designers considering the other half of the population, and hopefully inspiring creativity amongst department store commercialism. Things that are actually affordable, that is. By the time I have baby, I hope it’s wardrobe has the same potential for diversity as my own. And if I can’t buy it, I’ll make it.. or get someone on Etsy to for me.

For those of you with babies: Little Fashion Gallery


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