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ergo, we have some more pictures to show you.


anna-sui-2(anna sui) (creative pattern-mixing has officially made it onto the list of 2009 resolutions (loveloveloved the many pairs of printed tights), as has a frilly romantic yet eclectic hippie aesthetic)





proenza-schouler-5(proenza schouler) (notice the very miu-miu-esque scuba detailing; not pictured: numerous pairs of knee-length shorts worn over nubby textured tights; also oh man what perfect clothes to wear while strutting around the upper east side)

we are oh so happy to see, that yet another season of fantastically vibrant hosiery is in store.

[ stefanie ]

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the best part of fashion week, is the fashion shows.

the second best part (or first best, if you do not have an invitation to go inside) is the opportunity to ogle the passers-by and take notes on the trends that are to come.

in paris in 2007 we saw demolished hosiery, blazers blazers blazers, lace-up shoes and boots, quilting everywhere, shirts with faces on them, and more pairs of orangey-red tights than we could count. et voila, a year later, the lowest of the high street was selling the aforementioned goods.

now it is 2009, and south-eastern virginia is not exactly full of fashion forward ladies.

NO MATTER; we have found the next best thing, and its name is mary kate olsen.


the most important lesson to be learned from this photograph is:

we were wrong. small round glasses a la john lennon/yoko ono are not silly, they are AWESOME. they are the way of the future. i still refuse to wear them, because my head is gigantic and it tends to dwarf smaller frames; however, you, dear reader, blessed with a normal-sized head, should hightail it to your nearest sunglasses retailer and grab a pair.

second lesson: alexander wang rulezz, and ms. olsen is oh-so lucky to be carrying a tote from his f/w 2009 collection. studs studs studs.

third lesson: layer the lengths of your outerwear.

fourth lesson: motorcycle boots.

fifth lesson: BIG RINGS!

sixth lesson: mary kate olsen is so, so tiny.

[ stefanie ]

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we couldn’t help but notice this girl, on facehunter on monday. the painterly peacocks on her dress remind us of prada’s painted fabrics last year, but with peacocks instead of flowers, and we totally dig the dress + fuchsia tights + strappy black open-toed heels. look!:


we also wanted to show you a picture of the first ever hippie convention in zurich, in 1968:


and finally, we wanted to share banksy‘s picture of grandmas with you:


we hope you enjoy.

[ stefanie ]

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down with pants

maybe that’s a little harsh. there’s nothing inherently wrong with pants. it’s just that, tights are so much more exciting these days. we are especially excited about free people‘s really wonderful selection of patterned tights–plaid and flowered and paisley and argyle and feathers. if we had $30 to spare and any room left in the hosiery drawer we would probably buy two pairs of each. but we don’t, and there’s not, so instead we encourage you to buy and look fantastic on our behalf.

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a to-do list

buy some sheer black stockings

put them on

tear them apart

feel good about yourself

(because demolished tights were big in paris last spring, and if rodarte is still into it, then why aren’t you?)

[ stefanie ]

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oh hello there

we at festo are super into all things lively and cultural

something lively and cultural on our minds at the moment is fashion week, duh, and as we are ferociously tearing through photos of (sheer sheer sheer brights pastels long blazers ohmygod is it the 90s again and haven’t people been rolling up their mom jeans for a while now?) gorgeous clothing, we thought it appropriate to share some of our thoughts. don’t you worry more will soon follow.

charles anastase, wheeere have you been since spring/summer 2005? with the caveat that we melt for big ugly hip old man glasses, and also any collection that merits a mention of lula, we thought his mellow spring-y colors & fabrics (look number one, the little white dress in eyelet lace, awww) combined with snazzy puffy silhouettes, make it easy to picture what one would want to wear while following a herd of well-dressed sheep around a flowery meadow. also of note: that straw hat that was all over marc jacobs, puffy tutu shapes a la miu miu last spring, onesies like whoa (reminded us of stella mccartney’s pajama party), layers layers layers, prominent socks and ankles (a trend we first noticed in stockholm last year), and softness punctuated with leather and other tough stuff. charles, we like you.

oh and luella, holy crap luella, what pretty perfect outfits. asymmetry without being icky, really successful blending of bright colors without looking too much like the klaxons used to (put that neon green away, and grab some tangerine instead, and then throw on some purple, and then, kapow), hair bows!!! we totally knew the 50s were on the upswing (another stockholm-related epiphany), coco chanel esque layered pearls, one shouldered dresses, still floral prints of the liberty-inspired variety, and teased hair all over the place. oh we are fans. such enormous fans.

and another thing, we were reading the latest issue of tokion yesterday, and learned about a techno festival in new york that features a deaf disco, that plays music with the bass turned up so that deaf festival goers can feel the vibrations and dance about with all of their hearing friends. pretty bitchin.

come back soon. read more. we’ll bake you a pie.

[ stefanie ]

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