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at diane’s behest, i am back. hi

here are some things that have been going on lately:

i decided to be a vegan, sort of, and yesterday made the most delicious quinoa with chick peas and zucchini, oh boy it was yummy and easy and the whole house smelled like cumin and turmeric afterward, which was even better. very highly recommended.

i bought a romper yesterday. my dreams are finally realized. this one is strapless and not at all hard to pee in, which has always been a onesie issue for me in the past. currently i am in the process of searching target.com for a link to their onesie department. i got mine in the store but there were like five or six other styles, and although some of them fit super shitty i’m sure you’ll find one to suit your unique onesie needs.

now i’m lost in the baby department. these onesies are too small, although lady gaga would obviously look great in one. down with pants, etc etc.

one of the onesies says “gulp” on it, i’m not sure why, but it looks like a gas station logo, which if you ask me is incorrigible. babies should not be taught dependence on nonrenewable resources at such an early age. even worse are the “similar categories” on the left, which include “attitude tees” and “trendy baby boy”. vom.

Product Image

the problem is, a onesie doesn’t fit into the women’s clothing section’s labels. no one puts onesies in a corner. is it a top? bottom? shorts? weekend wear? dammit.

wait, i think i’ve found it. yes. yes i have. rompers rule, because they can be dressed up (tights + blazer) or down (romper + ballet flats). i like my onesies as shorts, but marc by marc jacobs likes his long:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

a long lost friend of mine called me a while ago. if i understood his voicemail correctly, he was walking home with a pizza one day when he looked in a window and saw marc jacobs and so he went inside and gave marc jacobs his pizza. i must make an effort to refriend this friend. he’s the best, and very generous with pizzas.

now i’m trying to find the new animal collective ep, somewhere. i never know how to find music online. the whole process is endlessly frustrating. instead i will go upstairs and put jefferson airplane’s surrealistic pillow on the record player, because ever since i saw a serious man “somebody to love” has been seriously stuck in my head. also, grace slick is the best, always. i wanna be her almost as much as i wanna be karen o, or maybe a little bit more.

i’ll leave you with a link to the selvedge yard, a super rad blog that published old photos and stuff. here is the governor of california in a banana hammock:

Arnold Schwarzenegger with female friend in his prime, 1970s.


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It’s almost the end of New York fashion week: Marc Jacobs has stunned the fashion world (again) by NOT wearing a kilt (ok, ok, his quality show/celebrity-free afterparty at the Standard were factors, too) and Donna Karan celebrated her label’s 25th anniversary of pumping out designed-by-woman-for-women urban chic with luxurious fabrics in a mostly black color palette.  [Though I would live in the bat-sleeve fitted-yet-baggy DKNY sweater I’ve recently acquired, I DIE for Bessie Afnaim’s collection (par example) at Donna Karan’s alt store, Urban Zen.  It’s layering at its most fearless; a single garment has its own layers and those in turn are designed to be layered upon each other.  I love this young designer!  Of Turkish descent, Bessie trained at Parsons.  She has tremendous energy and a fabulous British accent. I can’t find a picture that does her work justice, so visit the store at 705 Greenwich St. in the West Village.]

I digress.  Fashion week is an awesome circus (snow! Rachel Zoe!) but not entirely tangible for most of us:  Fall 2010? $5,000 for a single item?  What I really wanted to write about is a smaller label called Standard Finery created to “marry understated feminity and function.”*  The superb Jessa Blades, a friend who does their organic makeup, introduced me to the line, which is produced in New York’s Garment District with organic fabrics whenever possible.  I have taken a gander at designer Caron Callahan’s superb spring 2010 collection, a reinterpretation of “classic New England weekend wear” and meant to capture a “sensual mood” with “urban appeal.”  It’s still fashion, but slightly more accessible, and totally to die for.  Look & be inspired for fashion for warmer temperatures:

Lolita-esque top, a la Urban Outfitters/Lolita (see prior post!)

Can’t quite grasp the fabric, but it looks like a totally live-in-able, March-to-May transition piece that goes with everyyything. Loves. LOVES.

Must.have.shorts.  Just about the only tasteful, fashion-forward midriff peek-a-boo I’ve seen.

Yay for Standard Finery!  More small(er) label finds to come…

*P.S. As a writer for Festo, I must include Standard Finery’s thoughtful & eloquent manifesto-like vision:

“Standard [stad-derd] 1. a rule or principle that is regarded as the usual or most common size or form of its kind 2. an average or normal requirement, quality, quantity, level, grade, etc.

Finery [fahy-nuh-ree] 1. fineness, beauty 2. adornments, especially fine clothes and accessories

Standard Finery is a collection created for women who love beautiful clothes but don’t need to make a fuss about them. As the name suggests, the company ethos is rooted in well-made, feminine clothes, while keeping in mind that they should be playful, purposeful and wearable.”


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new york fashion week is underway. marc jacobs has already shown (over 60 outfits, straight out of the 80s, for which we would rather pay $5 at a thrift store than $5000. anyway) as have alexander wang, boy by band of outsiders, threeasfour, diane von furstenburg, victoria beckham (hm), peter som, rag & bone, etc, etc. style.com has already pointed to “nerd glasses” as a “micro trend”, because apparently they didn’t know. calls for “a new sobriety” and “tasteful restraint” have resulted in yet more pairs of high-waisted genie pants, dressed up as a new idea. there seems to be a fishy idea floating around that recession fashion = already done fashion. but uh lest we sound cynical and overly-critical, which i promise we are not, i mean to be completely honest i still haven’t stopped wearing the tutu silhouette miu miu showed two years ago, and haven’t yet begun to buy slouchy pants and oversize blazers, we really do enjoy a lot of the clothes we’ve seen so far it’s just that nothing feels new anymore, anyway, here are some of our very very early favorite things.


united-bamboo-2-fw-09(united bamboo)

organic-john-patrick-fw-09(organic by john patrick)


betsey-johnson-fw-09(betsey johnson)


temperley-2(temperley london)



karen-walker-3(karen walker)

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we usually try to keep our fashion obsession from turning gossip-y.

that is, we don’t care who a particular model is dating or whether or not marc jacobs is having his holiday party this year and if there is a rumor that anna wintour will no longer be editor-in-chief of american vogue soon, we don’t care about that either, at least until it stops being a rumor and starts being something that is actually happening.


fashionista tells us today that there is talk of carine roitfeld (of french vogue) taking over anna wintour’s job at american vogue in january. january! this very january! in a month! eeeeeee!

american vogue is so stodgy, and commercialized, compared to french vogue. we feel old and dull when we read it. one should never feel old and/or dull when reading a so-called fashion bible, unless that bible is the actual bible and the fashion it refers to are the dresses worn by that sect in texas (we have this vague memory that, after all the court stuff, the women decided to start selling clothing online? but couldn’t find any articles about it. are we making this up?). french vogue has more creative editorials, usually has better photography, and is a better designed (graphically, that is; we are very fond of the distortion of typefaces in an aesthetically pleasing manner) magazine all around.

everything is better en francais.

edit: apparently not. bummer.

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One of the most enjoyable things about my Thursdays are getting to pick out what clothes to put on the one-year-old baby girl that I babysit. Her name is kate and I like to imagine how one day she might be really fashionable and that my styling of her might possibly have something to do with it. I will say that it is no easy feat, however, when all of the color choices given me within a 50 piece wardrobe are pink, pink, pink, green, pink, white and blue. There are no more obvious examples of forced gender roles amongst kids than this. Somehow, they tend to be drawn towards babydolls/ war toys on their own, respectively. But, I’m rambling.

The reason for this post is my recent discovery that Jean Paul Gaultier (who happens to make a favorite scent of mine, Le Male) will be launching a children’s clothing line for ages 2 to 14 within an agreement singed with France’s Zannier Group. The first collection will consist of 120 pieces for both boys and girls and is to be unveiled during the 2009/2010 Fall Winter show. His line will join Zannier Group’s current brands such as Little Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, and Levi’s.

Little Marc Jacobs

This photograph is for Little Marc Jacobs from one of his previous collections. I wanted to include a more recent image but have not yet found a way to get the designer’s images. So, to make up for it, I will give you the link and implore you to have a look through his SS 09 Ready to Wear collection. In addition to being phenomenal fashion photographs, you can dissect the cultural-implication-shit out of them Sally Mann style. Cruelty to kids? Maybe, but I think it’s a lot of fun.

So this is not brand new, that is, designers creating pieces for the miniature people of the earth. However, what I hope, and what I have the inclination foresee, is more designers considering the other half of the population, and hopefully inspiring creativity amongst department store commercialism. Things that are actually affordable, that is. By the time I have baby, I hope it’s wardrobe has the same potential for diversity as my own. And if I can’t buy it, I’ll make it.. or get someone on Etsy to for me.

For those of you with babies: Little Fashion Gallery


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oh hello there

we at festo are super into all things lively and cultural

something lively and cultural on our minds at the moment is fashion week, duh, and as we are ferociously tearing through photos of (sheer sheer sheer brights pastels long blazers ohmygod is it the 90s again and haven’t people been rolling up their mom jeans for a while now?) gorgeous clothing, we thought it appropriate to share some of our thoughts. don’t you worry more will soon follow.

charles anastase, wheeere have you been since spring/summer 2005? with the caveat that we melt for big ugly hip old man glasses, and also any collection that merits a mention of lula, we thought his mellow spring-y colors & fabrics (look number one, the little white dress in eyelet lace, awww) combined with snazzy puffy silhouettes, make it easy to picture what one would want to wear while following a herd of well-dressed sheep around a flowery meadow. also of note: that straw hat that was all over marc jacobs, puffy tutu shapes a la miu miu last spring, onesies like whoa (reminded us of stella mccartney’s pajama party), layers layers layers, prominent socks and ankles (a trend we first noticed in stockholm last year), and softness punctuated with leather and other tough stuff. charles, we like you.

oh and luella, holy crap luella, what pretty perfect outfits. asymmetry without being icky, really successful blending of bright colors without looking too much like the klaxons used to (put that neon green away, and grab some tangerine instead, and then throw on some purple, and then, kapow), hair bows!!! we totally knew the 50s were on the upswing (another stockholm-related epiphany), coco chanel esque layered pearls, one shouldered dresses, still floral prints of the liberty-inspired variety, and teased hair all over the place. oh we are fans. such enormous fans.

and another thing, we were reading the latest issue of tokion yesterday, and learned about a techno festival in new york that features a deaf disco, that plays music with the bass turned up so that deaf festival goers can feel the vibrations and dance about with all of their hearing friends. pretty bitchin.

come back soon. read more. we’ll bake you a pie.

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