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this outfit is to dieeeee for; switch the purse for something a little less fringe-y, and consider this chick to be the epitome of my sartorial dreams.

[ stefanie ]

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altamira-nyc-little-girl(altamira nyc)

oh trendy little girl, how truly trendy you are. the bow, the short-sleeve coat over voluminously long-sleeve sweater, the hint of drape-y skirt sticking out the bottom, the black tights, the flats, the fur scarf, the lackadaisically cool unbuttoned bottom button. we have found daul kim II, and my maternal instincts think she is positively adorable.

for more stylish mini-people, if you are into that sort of thing, check out babble street fashion. and then go procreate, if only for the fact that in 9 months you will have a little person to dress up alllll the time.

[ stefanie ]

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this, we disapprove of.

sartorialist-big-denim(from the sartorialist)

we try to give europe the benefit of the doubt. we really do. but this dude looks like the threw on the jnco’s he wore in middle school, plus some odd sunglasses (i have a pair that look just like this; i try them on every day, in hopes that perhaps they will look less silly than they did the day before; they never, ever do), plus a scarf to feel chic plus some ipod headphones so as not to hear the chuckling as he walks by.

are we wrong? is this super stylish and chic? should i call my older sister and ask if she still has all the 3-person-sized pants she wore to e-fueled raves back in high school? please, do share your opinions.

[ stefanie ]

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from the sartorialist on thursday:


these lovely ladies were sartorial-ized in milan. WHAT WONDERFUL COATS, and also i really like how european girl friends always walk around with their arms linked.

[ stefanie ]

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we, along with susie bubble, are super obsessed with louise markey.




why, you ask?




anything (really, anything) with super bright colors that does not call to mind the neon revival of last summer and the summer before is incredibly appealing. we also like the hips of the top look (they remind us of 18th century panniers, albeit a bit less ostentatious and tons more practical; isn’t it time designers stopped referencing the flannel of 10 years ago and got going on the other 2000+ years of inspiration they have at their disposal?) and the boob pocket of the bottom look.


and also. the israeli kids on ilook are adorable.


this timeline, tracing news events pertaining to israel and palestine and the gaza strip and hamas back to 1949, is not adorable at all. but it provides some historical context with which to judge what is going on now.

peace_13(photo from time.com


now. snow angels and hot chocolate, all day long.


[ stefanie ]

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sorry, all, for being so inconsistent lately.


the holiday season has resulted in much traveling, which often results in no computer, which results in no new posts.


on the plus side, it has also resulted in opportunities to dress up and put feathers in our hair.

new-years(photo taken by our friend nathan)




today we checked out wardrobe remix for the first time in a while, and we think the outfits and the photos are getting better. i.e., some of these stylish self portrait-ers might actually get their picture taken out on the street, if they would stop ogling their stylish selves in their bedroom mirrors.

wardrobe-remix-1(photo taken by solitaryconsignment) (she sorta reminds us of kenley, from project runway. in a good way)


wardrobe-remix-2(photo taken by xxchinadoll) (UGH we love the heart cut-out) (it reminds us of when we were younger, when we wouldn’t put sunscreen on some spot on our hip in the shape of a heart or star or whatever, in hopes of developing a nice sunburnt skin cancerous tattoo. it never worked)


wardrobe-remix-3(photo taken by stylesalvagesteve) (susie bubble‘s “boyf”) (is it weird that i know that?) (we really like odd pants, and enormous scarves)


the loveliness of wardrobe remix is, you don’t have to wait around for someone with a camera and a website to stumble across you as you stylishly stroll about the lower east side. instead, you have the camera, and here is a website, and all that stands between you and the development of a fashion fan base (for real, people are so damn complementary when they leave comments) is the difficulty of coming up with a decent username.


hooray, it is 2009.


[ stefanie ]

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we are super into jakarta at the moment.

1) we like any city whose nickname refers to a dangerously spiky fruit.

2) we LOVE the enormous necklaces all the stylish residents seem to be sporting. these are some of yvan rodic’s photos:




and our favorite,


our next arts & crafts party, is gonna be ragin.

[ stefanie ]

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