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the best part of fashion week, is the fashion shows.

the second best part (or first best, if you do not have an invitation to go inside) is the opportunity to ogle the passers-by and take notes on the trends that are to come.

in paris in 2007 we saw demolished hosiery, blazers blazers blazers, lace-up shoes and boots, quilting everywhere, shirts with faces on them, and more pairs of orangey-red tights than we could count. et voila, a year later, the lowest of the high street was selling the aforementioned goods.

now it is 2009, and south-eastern virginia is not exactly full of fashion forward ladies.

NO MATTER; we have found the next best thing, and its name is mary kate olsen.


the most important lesson to be learned from this photograph is:

we were wrong. small round glasses a la john lennon/yoko ono are not silly, they are AWESOME. they are the way of the future. i still refuse to wear them, because my head is gigantic and it tends to dwarf smaller frames; however, you, dear reader, blessed with a normal-sized head, should hightail it to your nearest sunglasses retailer and grab a pair.

second lesson: alexander wang rulezz, and ms. olsen is oh-so lucky to be carrying a tote from his f/w 2009 collection. studs studs studs.

third lesson: layer the lengths of your outerwear.

fourth lesson: motorcycle boots.

fifth lesson: BIG RINGS!

sixth lesson: mary kate olsen is so, so tiny.

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i moved into a new apartment this past summer, and my roommate and i were determined to decorate it in a (thrifty) fashion that would not shout “COLLEGECOLLEGECOLLEGE” from the rooftops. ergo, no magazine cut-outs on the walls. ergo, i was fresh out of interior decorating experience. but THEN i discovered 20×200, a website whose mission is to sell very excellent art at a wide range of prices, starting off at $20 (for a smallish version of a photo or print or drawing, produced in an edition of 200) and topping off at $2000 (for a large version of said photo or print or drawing, with only 2 reproductions). we have a theory that, once you start your art collection, you have taken the first step on the path to genuine adulthood (whether you are 15 or 40, dear reader, we really don’t think you’re a real live adult if your walls are art-less; posters of van gogh paintings, no matter how mind bogglingly wonderful the originals may be, do not count) and this is a fantastic way to buy actual, original art at ridiculously reasonable prices. you will be cultured and sophisticated, and your friends will be jealous.

while trolling the site for nifty things to purchase, we came across jason polan, an artist living in new york. here are some things we like about mr. polan: his current project is an ongoing mission to draw every person in new york (see yoko ono, below); he is a member of the taco bell drawing club; we think he knows dave eggers; he made this bag, which i would totally ask for for hannuka if i didn’t feel too guilty to ask anyone for presents this year; he draws many giraffes; he is rather funny; there is no wikipedia article about him, lending him an exciting air of mystery.


one of the things he is selling on 20×200 is called “hand project”: for $20 he’ll send you one out of 200 photocopies of his hand, for $200 he’ll send you a drawing of his hand (“it is always available and i can mold it into different positions”), and for a mere $2000, he will come to your house and shake your hand. allan kaprow would be so proud.

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