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to continue in my recent tradition of unfinished thoughts digsuised as blog posts (sorry babies but you were just too cute for me to intelligently and clearly explain why a yurt birth in namibia is so much more appealing to me than the drugged up hospital scenes of san francisco) i give to you, dear readers, some unfinished complaints.

who the f are you, elena kagan, and why is the only thing i know about you the fact that you are unmarried and childless?

i’ve been following news less than i used to, partly because i’ve been out of town and without computers pretty frequently recently and also because, what with my parents’ tv and cable options staring me in the face every time i walk downstairs, the newspaper isn’t as tempting as it used to be. my own fault. but but but even in the midst of this separation from current events and actual facts i still know that there is a woman out there named elena who omg has no children and wtf decided to embrace a career instead of a husband?!? choices that may have been compelling and new in i dunno the 70s are no longer the salacious news stories the media wants them to be — why are we still supposed to drop everything and discuss them when all i want to discuss is what kagan actually thinks about the law. some pseudo feminist has been quoted as saying that she wishes kagan was a mother, because her current marital status sends the wrong message. well, ms feminist, what message is her childless status sending and also seriously why does it matter so much to you? wouldn’t you rather know where she stands on reproductive rights and gay marriage and other important social issues currently facing the nation that will affect you, as a woman, so much more than whether or not she has kids and a husband?

and i know that if i took the time i would be able to find out exactly where elena kagan stands on all the important issues, and why obama sees her as a good choice for the supreme court, and why i should or should not be excited that this new individual is going to have an effect on my life. what bugs me i guess is that with no effort whatsoever i already know things about this woman that i don’t give a shit about. yeah yeah it’s fuckin fantastic that another woman has been nominated, and of course i know very well that there is a long way to go before women are truly equal to men in the us (not to mention other countries but this is obviously a complaint for another day) but the more we talk about how fabulous it is that there’ll be another woman on the bench the more we undermine the equality this nomination stands for.

so let’s suck it up friends and like or hate her views but please please stop running headlines on her marital choices because holy crap i don’t care.

thank you, for listening.

[ stefanie ]

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today i saw babies and holy shit holy shit it was so good, me and my mom spent all 80 minutes of it saying “awww” and laughing and also worrying that the much-abused and ever-present cats and various farm animals would rebel against their baby abusers and i dunno scratch them or something. thank goodness, everyone was safe.


ponijao from namibia; she enjoys eating dirt and breastfeeding

Bayar Bundled Up

bayar from mongolia; my second favorite baby, he likes to pet goats and play with toilet paper

after the movie we agreed that ponijao and bayar, two babies raised in yurts in pretty isolated areas, were much more likeable than the two city babies, hattie (san francisco) and mari (tokyo), who both cried all the time and were constantly surrounded by brightly colored (and phthalate-ridden) plastic toys. there’s nothing like watching western excess consumption being thrust upon a baby to make you wish you lived in a yurt, too. largely self-sufficient, these yurt babies hardly ever cried, explored the world independently of their parents, and found their own toys in the rocks and dirts and buckets of water around them. by the end of the movie (at age 1)  ponijao was running around and balancing metal pots on her head, while hattie was subjected to the weirdest baby yoga class i’ve ever seen. western culture is so all-encompassing and over-stimulating, and while i pride myself on the lack of video games in my childhood it was still incredibly uncreative. while definitely the cutest movie you’ll ever see, babies is also a very fascinating look at cultural differences and similarities etc etc gooo see it you’ll love it i promise.

[ stefanie ]

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altamira-nyc-little-girl(altamira nyc)

oh trendy little girl, how truly trendy you are. the bow, the short-sleeve coat over voluminously long-sleeve sweater, the hint of drape-y skirt sticking out the bottom, the black tights, the flats, the fur scarf, the lackadaisically cool unbuttoned bottom button. we have found daul kim II, and my maternal instincts think she is positively adorable.

for more stylish mini-people, if you are into that sort of thing, check out babble street fashion. and then go procreate, if only for the fact that in 9 months you will have a little person to dress up alllll the time.

[ stefanie ]

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One of the most enjoyable things about my Thursdays are getting to pick out what clothes to put on the one-year-old baby girl that I babysit. Her name is kate and I like to imagine how one day she might be really fashionable and that my styling of her might possibly have something to do with it. I will say that it is no easy feat, however, when all of the color choices given me within a 50 piece wardrobe are pink, pink, pink, green, pink, white and blue. There are no more obvious examples of forced gender roles amongst kids than this. Somehow, they tend to be drawn towards babydolls/ war toys on their own, respectively. But, I’m rambling.

The reason for this post is my recent discovery that Jean Paul Gaultier (who happens to make a favorite scent of mine, Le Male) will be launching a children’s clothing line for ages 2 to 14 within an agreement singed with France’s Zannier Group. The first collection will consist of 120 pieces for both boys and girls and is to be unveiled during the 2009/2010 Fall Winter show. His line will join Zannier Group’s current brands such as Little Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, and Levi’s.

Little Marc Jacobs

This photograph is for Little Marc Jacobs from one of his previous collections. I wanted to include a more recent image but have not yet found a way to get the designer’s images. So, to make up for it, I will give you the link and implore you to have a look through his SS 09 Ready to Wear collection. In addition to being phenomenal fashion photographs, you can dissect the cultural-implication-shit out of them Sally Mann style. Cruelty to kids? Maybe, but I think it’s a lot of fun.

So this is not brand new, that is, designers creating pieces for the miniature people of the earth. However, what I hope, and what I have the inclination foresee, is more designers considering the other half of the population, and hopefully inspiring creativity amongst department store commercialism. Things that are actually affordable, that is. By the time I have baby, I hope it’s wardrobe has the same potential for diversity as my own. And if I can’t buy it, I’ll make it.. or get someone on Etsy to for me.

For those of you with babies: Little Fashion Gallery


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