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love love love this photo,

posted by the sartorialist on monday.

it reminds me of fabric stores and the classroom in the theatre building where i took costume construction during college, and other locales where one can’t help but find themselves awash in hue. when i make art i usually find myself creating line drawings in ink or shadowy charcoal compositions, always in black and white, but whenever i’m at a museum i’m always drawn to the most colorful pieces, and i spend hours salivating in front of van gogh, rothko, and matisse, vowing to incorporate more color the next time i have a canvas in front of me.

(l’italienne, vincent van gogh)

Mark Rothko. Untitled. (1968)

(untitled, mark rothko)

spring is great because flowers bloom blah blah blah but the season also has such a nice light about it, making those flowers all the more beautiful but also lending a special sheen to rusty basketball hoops and not-yet-blooming trees and other previously dingy looking items that are really so colorful and beautiful if you take the time to look. few things are more inspirational than bright colors and odd color combinations, so LOOK AROUND and soak it in.

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this, we disapprove of.

sartorialist-big-denim(from the sartorialist)

we try to give europe the benefit of the doubt. we really do. but this dude looks like the threw on the jnco’s he wore in middle school, plus some odd sunglasses (i have a pair that look just like this; i try them on every day, in hopes that perhaps they will look less silly than they did the day before; they never, ever do), plus a scarf to feel chic plus some ipod headphones so as not to hear the chuckling as he walks by.

are we wrong? is this super stylish and chic? should i call my older sister and ask if she still has all the 3-person-sized pants she wore to e-fueled raves back in high school? please, do share your opinions.

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from the sartorialist on thursday:


these lovely ladies were sartorial-ized in milan. WHAT WONDERFUL COATS, and also i really like how european girl friends always walk around with their arms linked.

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from allison arieff’s blog on nytimes.com:

For a couple of months there, it was sort of exciting to witness how dramatically higher oil prices were affecting human behavior. Ridership of public transit was up, homeowners were swapping exurban houses for urban condos, S.U.V. sales were down, people were walking. T. Boone Pickens threw cash at a wind farm. But in more recent weeks, as oil prices dropped, I started hearing indications of backpedaling on all of the above. With gas back down in the $2 to $2.50 a gallon range, there was talk of this all being less urgent, something that could be addressed later. Pickens even scrapped plans for the wind farm (for now). This is such a strange notion: that an interim price drop somehow solves the larger issue of our dependence on oil.

isn’t that sort of terrible? dependency on oil is always a scary concept, and it shouldn’t only be scary when it gets expensive. whether filling up your tank costs $15 or $50, it is always (always always) a better idea to bike or walk or subway or bus. petroleum is not sustainable, and never will be, no matter how much of an impact it may make on our wallets at any given time.

(not that it should be about style, at all, but we feel obligated to admit, that there is no better way to be kind to the environment while looking positively adorable, than riding a bicycle. just ask scott schuman.)

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