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What’s up with Urban Outfitters spring ’10 look book being all Lolita?  From fetish-ized shots of awkwardly bent little girl legs & their shoes (mimicking the iconic cover of the novel) to the photos of a very lithe young thing, dressed in culottes and frilly 1950s bikini tops, the inspiration is hit-you-over-the-head obvious.  In theory I’m in favor: I love the book and like the reinvention of its esthetic, but something feels odd about a store for young girls marketing to their audience with tween erotica.  Honestly, then, mission accomplished: the photographer has realized visually what Nabokov elaborated verbally- uncomfortable, voyeuristic beauty.*

Check out the looks here and judge for yourself.   (Oh, and P.S. towards the end, more too-young-for-comfort borderline porn with their night-out looks, but I loves it anyway, especially those vampy, pointy shoulders! Viva los 80s silhouettes! Even if they are tired and blah blah…)


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So, I have been actively on the search for some fabulous rugs at low prices as I have a new room to furnish.  Urban Outfitters had some decent ones for reasonable prices, but they are nothing compared to the splendor of what I am about to share. Behold:

After stumbling across this rather fascinating specimen of contemporary dutch flooring, I thought it would be the perfect material with which to mark my return to the blog.  Designed by Guido Ooms and Karin van Lieshout of Oooms Dutch Design Studio, this roadkill carpet is sure to excite the curiosity and/or confuse the hell out of any and all of your guests.  Personally, I’m a bit torn.  If a rug is plush and soft and wonderful under bare feet, I pretty much can’t be against it, and the plug for this carpet claims that it is so.  But… but..  oh.. I don’t know… Can I go for it?

On one hand, I’m feeling that the message of this rug is a little too brutally realistic.  Yes, too often foxes, squirrels, deer, cats, dogs, birds and all other sorts of animals find their fate resting under the wheels of our cars.  Isn’t there another way to immortalize the memory of these poor creatures other than creating something else for us to step all over?  Or perhaps, considering, it is the perfect way to keep their memory intact, albeit lacking dignity and compassion. Like I said, I’m torn. Um, conclusively, I’ll leave it at: rug for rug’s sake.


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i had a dream once in which i was wearing the dreamiest pair of flat black lace-up boots.

incidentally i went antiquing a few months later and stumbled across the dreamiest pair of (inexpensive!) flat black lace-up boots, and they have been a staple of my day-to-day life ever since.

we find shoes like this to be just right for many many outfits:



( both photos are from facehunter, the top one from some months ago and the bottom one from this past thursday )


( those boots would be perfect with these dresses; this photo, by the way, is by diane arbus, who can always be counted on to produce endlessly fascinating images; if you are ever in stockholm, there are three fantastic onces to see in moderna museet )

if you are in the market for some footwear of your own, start with these patchwork boots on ebay, and there are tons more (slightly less mondrian-esque) pairs to be found if you search for words like vintage flat laceup grandma pixie boots. for a decidedly larger sum of money you can get this amaaazing woven pair from urban outfitters. in brown or white, they will attract very positive ogling from all angles.

[ stefanie ]

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