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we adoooooored christopher kane’s f/w 2009 collection, sorta more than we ever really adored the neon mini dresses he made his name on.

look look look!


the top, we are not super crazy about (it belongs on an 80s career woman with feathered bangs and walk-to-work sneakers) (ie, melanie griffith in working girl), but the skirt, rules.



we know, we know, we said we were sick of already-done sheer styles. but these are just too good. both are for wearing all the time but especially to fancy and romantic italian dinners in small candlelit restaurants with dark red booths lining the walls and a man with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth playing the cello mournfully yet tastefully in the corner . . .


if botticelli’s (the birth of) venus was going out for drinks on the lower east side.


if botticelli’s (the birth of) venus had to study for an exam tomorrow.


jessica stam makes me swoon, as do the dress + shoes she sports.

and finally,

c-kane-4mr. kane’s torso gets eaten by a gorilla.

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ergo, we have some more pictures to show you.


anna-sui-2(anna sui) (creative pattern-mixing has officially made it onto the list of 2009 resolutions (loveloveloved the many pairs of printed tights), as has a frilly romantic yet eclectic hippie aesthetic)





proenza-schouler-5(proenza schouler) (notice the very miu-miu-esque scuba detailing; not pictured: numerous pairs of knee-length shorts worn over nubby textured tights; also oh man what perfect clothes to wear while strutting around the upper east side)

we are oh so happy to see, that yet another season of fantastically vibrant hosiery is in store.

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dear stieglitz

even a few words i don’t feel like writing.

you know exactly what i think about photography.

i would like to see it make people despise

painting until something else will make

photography unbearable —

there we are.


marcel duchamp

17 may 1922, new york

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i saw a bearded lady while thrift store shopping last week.

this is much, much better.


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altamira-nyc-little-girl(altamira nyc)

oh trendy little girl, how truly trendy you are. the bow, the short-sleeve coat over voluminously long-sleeve sweater, the hint of drape-y skirt sticking out the bottom, the black tights, the flats, the fur scarf, the lackadaisically cool unbuttoned bottom button. we have found daul kim II, and my maternal instincts think she is positively adorable.

for more stylish mini-people, if you are into that sort of thing, check out babble street fashion. and then go procreate, if only for the fact that in 9 months you will have a little person to dress up alllll the time.

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new york fashion week is underway. marc jacobs has already shown (over 60 outfits, straight out of the 80s, for which we would rather pay $5 at a thrift store than $5000. anyway) as have alexander wang, boy by band of outsiders, threeasfour, diane von furstenburg, victoria beckham (hm), peter som, rag & bone, etc, etc. style.com has already pointed to “nerd glasses” as a “micro trend”, because apparently they didn’t know. calls for “a new sobriety” and “tasteful restraint” have resulted in yet more pairs of high-waisted genie pants, dressed up as a new idea. there seems to be a fishy idea floating around that recession fashion = already done fashion. but uh lest we sound cynical and overly-critical, which i promise we are not, i mean to be completely honest i still haven’t stopped wearing the tutu silhouette miu miu showed two years ago, and haven’t yet begun to buy slouchy pants and oversize blazers, we really do enjoy a lot of the clothes we’ve seen so far it’s just that nothing feels new anymore, anyway, here are some of our very very early favorite things.


united-bamboo-2-fw-09(united bamboo)

organic-john-patrick-fw-09(organic by john patrick)


betsey-johnson-fw-09(betsey johnson)


temperley-2(temperley london)



karen-walker-3(karen walker)

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this is exciting.

Grizzly Bear Reveal Veckatimest Cover, Tracklist | Pitchfork.

(mmhmmm pitchfork SUCK IT UP you know you read it too)

FUCKIN’ GRIZZLY BEAR we’ve already shared our feelings on department of eagles. NOW we are given the chance to return to our roots and ADORE the music we’ve always loved, in a new-album sort of way. grizzly bear, stay with us always, we love you more than words can describe.

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