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dear stieglitz

even a few words i don’t feel like writing.

you know exactly what i think about photography.

i would like to see it make people despise

painting until something else will make

photography unbearable —

there we are.


marcel duchamp

17 may 1922, new york

[ stefanie ]

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william eggleston did for color photography what marcel duchamp did for urinals turned on their sides.


that is, he took what was once seen as a rather banal object of the masses and lifted it into the realm of high art.


william eggleston (1939-) was cool before ryan mcginley stripped his friends down and set them loose in the wilderness, before juergen teller put victoria beckham in a shopping bag, and tons before hip kids discovered the grainy over-saturated magic to be found in a polaroid camera.


william eggleston, conveniently, has a retrospective up at the whitney from now until the end of january entitled william eggleston: democratic camera photographs and video 1961-2008. we will see you there.

[ stefanie ]

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