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…she would look like TAVI, the fashionista/blogger who is, in fact, THIRTEEN YEARS OLD

Oh, can you read that wristband? Allow me: DIOR.  This bitch (lovingly!)  is sitting in first rows at shows in fashion capitals around the world: Paris, New York, Tokyo.  Check out what she wears to school (when she’s not skipping to attend said shows):

Rodarte tights.

Tavi’s About Me: “Wears batman capes and oversized hats. Scatters black petals on Rei Kawakubo’s doorsteps and serenades her in rap. I wish I was Daria but I get too excited about things like candy to be deadpan all the time.”  Also, she has a Bob Dylan shrine.

Tavi’s Book:

She explains: “One of my favorite color combinations is coral and blue.”

Her blog Style Rookie is a must-read, beautiful & quirky.  There you’ll find commentary on design/fashion, more pages from her book, and breakdowns of what she wears (always a mish-mosh, always intriguing).  Plus Tavi clues us in on her fabulously-eccentric, singular life in a charming voice. Sample:

“I packed my Proenza Schouler shirt (courtesy of Wonder [Bread] Boy Team Jack & Lazaro) but ended up wearing it to breakfast and Really Expensive Pharmacy At Which We Spent An Obscene Amount Of French Bones Because We Didn’t Realize There Was a Monopris Right Around the Corner.”

I was going to end this post saying that though it seems impossible Tavi is 13, her room proves otherwise, but then I realized that at 21, my desk in Bologna was pretty much permanently in this state:

At least Tavi has an excuse…


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altamira-nyc-little-girl(altamira nyc)

oh trendy little girl, how truly trendy you are. the bow, the short-sleeve coat over voluminously long-sleeve sweater, the hint of drape-y skirt sticking out the bottom, the black tights, the flats, the fur scarf, the lackadaisically cool unbuttoned bottom button. we have found daul kim II, and my maternal instincts think she is positively adorable.

for more stylish mini-people, if you are into that sort of thing, check out babble street fashion. and then go procreate, if only for the fact that in 9 months you will have a little person to dress up alllll the time.

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gareth pugh is fuckin crazy.

that said, we’re so sick of “fashion’s return to sobriety” and “this collection takes a cue from the 1930s”. yes, the economy sucks, and yes, it seems silly and tasteless to throw down thousands and thousands of dollars on clothes and shoes and purses ever since the financial system uh collapsed. but. the thing is, no matter how simple and elegant and tasteful miucca prada’s suits are, they remain unaffordable. and now, we are left with still-too-expensive clothing that is no fun at all to ogle.

so thank you, mr. pugh, for sticking to your (dark, goth, avant-garde, greasy, deconstructed) guns.




gareth-pugh-41(all photos from men.style.com)

we hope that women’s fashion week brings more creativity than we’ve seen in the men’s shows so far. depression chic, is not chic at all. it makes people sad. and when the world around is sad and corrupt and penniless as it is, dressing in a wacky manner is a nice way to bring a smile to someone’s face (just ask aretha franklin’s inauguration bow).

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we are super into jakarta at the moment.

1) we like any city whose nickname refers to a dangerously spiky fruit.

2) we LOVE the enormous necklaces all the stylish residents seem to be sporting. these are some of yvan rodic’s photos:




and our favorite,


our next arts & crafts party, is gonna be ragin.

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