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prada has emerged with kickass cat-eye frames for next fall:

Prada Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

normally i’m not crazy about eyeglasses that come with built-in eyebrows but i really think the shape of these is the cat’s meow, ahaha, but seriously everything else about the late 50s/early 60s style has been reexplored and regurgitated for the past few years and glasses like these are the next logical step. a self-serving trend forecast, but whatevs, we trust that you will wear them well.

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I have recently been introduced to a few auditory time travelers: musicians who have managed to produce music in the 2000s, which one would have sworn came from an earlier decade. As for my first example, Brooklyn-spawned Au Revoir Simone, have the song Stars, to which my immediate internal reaction was a sensation of de ja vu.  Wasn’t this song on my high school friend’s Napster-born burned CD, appropriately titled, “Dance Party USA,” circa summer of 2002?  I quickly realize that is not that case.  In fact, the song I’m thinking of is Stacy Q’s adrenaline pumping hit Two of Hearts.  No doubt, the quality benchmark for 80’s girl rock.  And not-so surprisingly, while searching You Tube, I stumbled upon a remake by Kelly Osborne, who manages, somehow, to turn the song into Madonna cover.  Anyway, after rediscovering Stacy Q’s song, I realize that Stars and Two of Hearts don’t really sound the same… at all, but that is not the point.  My point, Sherlock, is that there exists a contemporary Indie Band who can create music that successfully confuses you about what year it is.  To finish the recipe, add a dose of Japanese animé, and the cover of their old album The Bird of Music (1968? 1972? 2007?!?!), and VOILA!  Pure temporal confusion.

My second, and more believable case: The Explorer’s Club.  There is no mistaking this one: second 8 to second 12 of Forever, track 1 on their album Freedom Wind, is undoubtedly, note by note, the intro to The Ronettes’ Be My Baby.  There is no way I’m not gonna catch that one, Explorers!  Nor anyone else who grew up watching Dirty Dancing!  And, in addition, there is no way I’ll not want to catch you the next time you open for Zach Galifanakis!  If you get back together, that is (?).  Someone posted a comment commenting that they broke up.  I can’t verify this, and don’t want to if it’s true.  I’d rather they stay together, while denying their relative measure of success, and relocate to Richmond, finding a new identity as a street-corner-performing sextet (perhaps outside a Barber Shop?).

I can totally picture it: just mentally remove “music,” “friendly,” and “dancing,” and replace it with clip art images of combs and upside down shampoo bottles.  Well, and erase one of the band members.. I don’t know where that seventh guy came from (Wikipedia was wrong??).  Besides all that, their music already fits the bill.  And it makes me remember my love for Oldies.  Like Please Mr. Postman.


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