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is the question i hear the most often when i mention my quest for the perfect dry shampoo.

the answer, of course, is that i am often lazy, don’t always have the time or facilities to shower while spending weekends away, and, as my idol bea points out, washing hair every day is unecessary and also a waste of water.

dry shampoo is like baby powder and corn starch. it’s either a powder or a spray that doesn’t actually clean your hair but instead soaks up all the oil so you appear clean to passers-by. in fact, it’s GENIUS — the most perfect product for vain campers and backpackers (full disclosure: i am a vain backpacker), frequent roadtrippers, concerned hippies, lazy lucies, and people with bangs for whom grease becomes a problem rapidly after showering (full disclosure: my bangs get greasy like 5 hours after my hair has dried). i am convinced everyone should carry some around with them at all times in their purse, backpack, or fannypack.

so far my favorite is by oscar blandi, because it works really well and once you figure out how to work the nozzle it’s pretty easy to avoid dumping a pound of powder on your head. the only flaw is that it’s white — perfect for blondes and redheads but often gives those with darker hair the impression of grey roots. meh. i’d rather look old than greasy any day.

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zero waste home is a blog (and a lifestyle) by a crazy thoughtful woman in california who, along with her family, produces no garbage. whatsoever. hell yeah!

if, like me and many i know, you do not live on your own or do not have a lot of money, the idea of completely eliminating garbage from your life seems daunting. when i think of no waste i think first of food and the packaging it comes in, so alright, i’ll try to buy fresh produce and stuff like that that comes without wrappers. which is impossible unless you buy everything in bulk but even then you need to find something to hold the food in besides the plastic bags they have at the store etc etc. and then you get into the nitty gritty of it all and realize that pens, when they run out of ink, are trash. and so are drinks in plastic cups at parties and the cardboard that paperclips come in etc etc. and if you continue to read the blog you’ll find even more items that bea, the writer, makes sure will never ever enter her home.

so while she’s taken the idea of zero garbage to an extreme it’s still a worthwile read because, at the least, it will lead you to be a bit more mindful in your consumption habits. personally i have a bad habit of always putting produce in a plastic bag at the supermarket, even if i’m only getting like three apples or an orange whose peel i won’t be eating anyway. and if i am aware of every little decision like this (if we are all aware, i mean) then slowly but surely everything is a choice, and you can choose to buy the products you feel comfortable with and the ones which represent companies with the same no-garbage scruples as you.

and then slowly but surely we’ll stop buying from companies who waste energy on excessive shipping and then we’ll all support local food economies and eat cheese from the cows down the street etc etc.

and then lalala we’ll close our eyes one night and wake up the next morning and there’ll be flowers and butterflies and unicorns and no pollution anywhere.

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thank you, lisa frank.


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