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i searched for a wide variety of elf ludins and ull londins until i finally came upon ulf lundin, a photographer whose name i’ve been trying to remember since the summer.

lundin lives and works in stockholm, and has shown at moderna museet, london’s frieze art fair, art forum berlin, and more!

the project that sticks out in my mind most vividly is still films. he sets up a camera in a spot and takes photo after photo for some predetermined period of time; then, he layers the images to produce a snapshot of time, “somewhere between documentary and staged photography”.

his video bless you shows people trying to sneeze. sometimes, they do.


from darkness is lundin’s exploration of the effects of isolation on portraiture. he leaves his subjects alone in a dark room, unaware of when the photo might occur. the resulting blank faces and dull stares provide an intriguing look at what people are like when they are alone.



ulf-lundin(all photos by ulf lundin)

duh, we love photography. duh, we love anything swedish. BUT mr. lundin is one of the more thoughtful photographers we’ve seen lately, and we respect the way he uses his art to get at deeper issues of time and existence.

and his name is ulf. we dig that, too.

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Not much of my own words will be in this post, mainly because I live in VA and am physically unable to see this exhibition myself.  However, I found the subject fascinating and I wish to share this with those interested.  If you’re in CA I suggest taking the time to experience this art, and artist, for yourself.

This work Ronny Joe Grooms‘ MFA Thesis Show at John F Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, CA.  This particular campus houses their  school of Holistic Studies where they offer three degrees under their department, “Art and Consciousness.”   Each degree approaches the arts as firmly integrated with culture, spirituality and personal development.  I dig it.

Below I have pasted the excerpt for the  exhibition as listed on the university’s website.

Killing Buddha by Ronny Joe Grooms

The exhibition Killing Buddha, by artist Ronny Joe Grooms culminates his Master of Fine Art study at John F. Kennedy University Arts & Consciousness program. Grooms, son of a Vietnam veteran, and a former Army reservist who filed for Conscientious Objector status during the Gulf War, draws on those experiences and current events to explore the shadows of the warrior male. The Zen Koan, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him,” inspires the shows title. The koan has painful implications to Grooms as the invasion and occupation of Iraq takes on its 5th year and continues to escalate with no end in sight.

In this exhibition Grooms, a dharma practitioner and multimedia performance artist, presents an array of video imagery and sculptural environments set to dissolve the subject/object relationship. Illustrating movement and stillness as essential human languages, he presents “meditation-sculptures” that are both spiritual asanas and non-violent actions that merge the inner-work of deep personal contemplation as ritual with the outwardly expressive forms of activism and art. Evoking these personal/social processes, he has challenged his own arbitrary differentiations between meditation, art, and creativity as well as promoting meditation and radical transcendence as a public act thereby awakening creative spirit in all.


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