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“you’re just a regular imelda marcos,” they’d say, referring to my burgeoning love of footwear. i still remember my first pair of high heels, a fantastically ugly pair of pink mary janes with platforms that contained what looked like pastel pink marshmallows that i wore to my older sister’s bat mitzvah.

so uh some shoes i am currently considering are the ever-prevalent toms, a company that, for every pair of shoes you buy, donates a pair to a child in need.

these are the toms i want the most


the cheapest shoes are $44, cheap if you consider the fact that you’re really buying two pairs. the cordones pictured above are $69, and there are a couple styles even pricier. then again, the whole world is not as stingy as i, and nothing is too expensive if it’s for a good cause and barefoot children and stuff.


even more out of my recent-unemployed-graduate price range are these fabulous boots from irregular choice. i wholeheartedly encourage you to buy them for me, size 7.


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shop shop shop, friends, and then shop some more.


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