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Mais oui, Bakeri!

My apartment happens to be sandwiched between a Sardinian wine bar and a French (sort of) bakery.  I challenge you to figure out which establishment I frequent more… frequently… In one corner of the ring, you have an extensive Italian wine/liquor list (including shots of the addictive bitter/sweet mirto), impeccable food, and a Cheers-in-italiano dynamic with the staff.  In the other corner of the ring, you have my wicked sweet tooth, copious amounts of butter & sugar, rustic French charm & baked goods (pear/apple scones coated with almond slices, elf-sized/ hipsterexic– you decide– banana-walnut loaves, petit pain au chocolate, ginger snaps, baguettes…)  all crafted on premises, in front of you.  I JUST ate a specimen from the latter, so now is the time to wax poetic about Bakeri, and, more specifically, its lavender shortbread.

This place is “established 2009” (says on the door) but looks like a French cafe from an earlier era, complete with fair-faced femmes wearing bakeri-gear (blue scrubs, though they look au-so-provencal!) and bandanas.  Owner Nina has soft blond hair, always tied in fat braids, and looks like she could have been the emblem of the women’s worker movement circa ’41 (she’s Norwegian, not French and partner-husband Pablo Argentine).   Behold the interior:

But don’t come for the women.  Don’t come for the decor.  Come for the LAVENDER SHORTBREAD.  You think you know what shortbread is–  I did: buttery, definitely, but, um, hard. Biscuit-like. English. Maybe with little holes poked by forks. False! FALSE!  Shortbread must have died and its soul reincarnated into a higher being at Bakeri, where it is, yes, buttery, but tender!, melt-in-your-mouth!, with an ephemeral crumb and a very-present lavender.  These wondrous bars have not been overworked nor over-baked.  Please, I beg you, make a pilgrimage to Bakeri, try it yourself, then stop by my place and bring me one as a reward for letting you in on the shortbread-that-changed-your-mind-about-lowly-old-fork-poked-teeth-breaking-shortbread.

After I scarf it down, we’ll walk two doors down, and I’ll introduce you to the other contender fighting for my gustatory attention: D.O.C. Winebar.



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