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so this one time we were sharing a bottle of wine (um. a few bottles of wine) at la perle, a super-cheap bar in the marais in paris that never fails to provide excellent people watching (especially if the people you like to watch are stylish and cool), and during a discussion of fashion and facehunter we noticed a particularly well-dressed gentleman at the table next to ours. inspired and inebriated, we ogled him for a few minutes before diane gathered up the cajones to ask him if, perchance, she could take his picture.

this is what happened:


( his neck bow provided the initial intrigue, although the more we looked the more we found to admire. glasses, off-kilter cardigan, an old man’s slacks. )

i, not so ballsily, furtively took a picture of some girl’s back:

img_9537( we enjoyed her textural combination of furry vest with sofa upholstery skirt. )

and thus ended our foray into streetstyle photography.

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