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On a lazy Sunday afternoon, on a mission to find obscure superfoods/raw milk (damn your wimpy dairy section, Urban Rustic!), I wandered into an apothecary at the fabulous Woodley & Bunny salon-cum-beauty-center off the Bedford stop in trendy-to-death Williamsburg.

I proceeded to sniff my way around its exquisite paaarrfum selection and ended up gravitating to a display of overturned glass funnels.

Upon lifting and inhaling, I was taken to another dimension (not THAT dimension).  Or, to say it better, transported to 1828, to Jules Verne’s lapel (bear with me).  At the  time, though, it smelled of the aristocratic Italian waifs I had just partied with the night before in a sprawling Soho loft: smoky, musky, totally luxe, masculine, yet on a woman, irresistibly feminine.  Please, feast your eyes (with a saint’s aureola beaming from it & an otherworldly ‘awe’/’behold’ sound dancing in your ears) on the beyond-Hermes, super luxury, I-didn’t-know-what-perfume-was-until-I-met-you 1828:

I will let the website (soooo J. Peterman!) explain the inspiration for this divine parfum:

“He was born in Nantes, at the beginning of this century of discoveries. The close ocean would take him far away, inspiring him extraordinary adventure novels. Inspired by Jules Verne, the father of litterary science fiction, this eau de parfum for modern globe-trotters, breathes its aromatic Hesperides-like scents, just as a marine breeze over a wild heath. A freshness tinted with sophistication. ”

Where do these insane product manifestoes come from? Why the creatore of the parfums, Gérald Ghislain, the creator, of course, of the entire line, called the Bibliotheque, or library.  Please, read his biography:

“GG wrote his own story with the frantic rhythm of a passionate jack of all trades.  An epicurean, he tastes all of life’s savors, sprinkling his daily life with refined luxury. In love, he gives his all to his projects. Insatiable wonderer, he listens, reads and discovers, drawing inspiration from his trips and encounters. His adventures began in front of an oven. He is still the happy owner of a restaurant and a bar in Paris. Enlightened lover of live arts, he produced Sentires in 2004 , a Flamenco show  touring x the world.  Perfumery is an old dream of his. Following a solid training at ISIPCA, Gérald founded Histoires de Parfums in 1999 and created a collection of twelve rare and delicate perfumes. Fulfilled, he has the firm intention of pursuing the adventure and telling many more Histoires de Parfums.”

Can I meet you?! Can I smell you?!

Oh, and, the Marquis de Sade’s neck smelled of…? “The libertine writer would undoubtedly have enjoyed the audacity of this spiced wooded scent, an invitation to pleasure with its bergamot and Davana Sensualis hints, rounded with patchouli and everlasting flower.”  No wonder he got so many people to do so many, um, amorous activities. I might be tempted too, if he were wearing 1740.



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