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a band you should listen to is chairlift. it is unfortunate that “evident utensil”, previously the only song on their myspace, is on their myspace no longer. no matter. “bruises”, and also all the rest, is/are pretty damn swell.


an artist you should check out is catherine ryan. her newer work mostly revolves around animals, and is awesome; her older work depicts fuzzy-faced children in snapshot-like settings, and it is even awesomer.






two diego luna movies you should watch are mister lonely and milk. the former is by harmony korine, who wrote kids, and is beautiful and nonsensical and whimsical and lovely and superb (it is about a michael jackson impersonator who meets a marilyn monroe impersonator in paris and goes to live on the commune she owns with her husband, a charlie chaplin impersonator; it is also about nuns who can fly). the latter, by gus van sant, absolutely deserves whatever hype and award nominations it is currently getting (it is about harvey milk, the first openly gay politician to be elected to public office; he’s later assassinated, along with the mayor of san francisco, by a fellow city supervisor).


see? grey days are not so bad.


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here are some nifty websites to check out.

oh my rockness lists tons of indie shows going on in new york, chicago, and la. you can click on tabs to see only the recommended shows, or only the freshly listed shows, but we prefer to see only the free shows.

myopenbar.com is an equally super resource, taking the time to compile and share tons of drink specials and happy hours in manhattan and brooklyn (and san francisco, and la, and chicago, and honolulu, and miami). because alcohol is always better, when it is free.

FREEwilliamsburg is a little more blog-y than the aforementioned blogs, but in between posts about LOLhipsters and prop 8: the musical, there are posts about free concerts and free art and free culture and free fun things to do (as well as links to a billion restaurants, bars, and other nyc/culture based sites). free free free. in williamsburg. in brooklyn.

now go out and buy yourself something pretty.

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