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this, we disapprove of.

sartorialist-big-denim(from the sartorialist)

we try to give europe the benefit of the doubt. we really do. but this dude looks like the threw on the jnco’s he wore in middle school, plus some odd sunglasses (i have a pair that look just like this; i try them on every day, in hopes that perhaps they will look less silly than they did the day before; they never, ever do), plus a scarf to feel chic plus some ipod headphones so as not to hear the chuckling as he walks by.

are we wrong? is this super stylish and chic? should i call my older sister and ask if she still has all the 3-person-sized pants she wore to e-fueled raves back in high school? please, do share your opinions.

[ stefanie ]

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