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a band you should listen to is chairlift. it is unfortunate that “evident utensil”, previously the only song on their myspace, is on their myspace no longer. no matter. “bruises”, and also all the rest, is/are pretty damn swell.


an artist you should check out is catherine ryan. her newer work mostly revolves around animals, and is awesome; her older work depicts fuzzy-faced children in snapshot-like settings, and it is even awesomer.






two diego luna movies you should watch are mister lonely and milk. the former is by harmony korine, who wrote kids, and is beautiful and nonsensical and whimsical and lovely and superb (it is about a michael jackson impersonator who meets a marilyn monroe impersonator in paris and goes to live on the commune she owns with her husband, a charlie chaplin impersonator; it is also about nuns who can fly). the latter, by gus van sant, absolutely deserves whatever hype and award nominations it is currently getting (it is about harvey milk, the first openly gay politician to be elected to public office; he’s later assassinated, along with the mayor of san francisco, by a fellow city supervisor).


see? grey days are not so bad.


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so this one time we were sharing a bottle of wine (um. a few bottles of wine) at la perle, a super-cheap bar in the marais in paris that never fails to provide excellent people watching (especially if the people you like to watch are stylish and cool), and during a discussion of fashion and facehunter we noticed a particularly well-dressed gentleman at the table next to ours. inspired and inebriated, we ogled him for a few minutes before diane gathered up the cajones to ask him if, perchance, she could take his picture.

this is what happened:


( his neck bow provided the initial intrigue, although the more we looked the more we found to admire. glasses, off-kilter cardigan, an old man’s slacks. )

i, not so ballsily, furtively took a picture of some girl’s back:

img_9537( we enjoyed her textural combination of furry vest with sofa upholstery skirt. )

and thus ended our foray into streetstyle photography.

[ stefanie ]

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as residents of virginia, philly, and virginia, we are always bitter when super things happen in new york and we can’t make it to the city in time to attend.

i.e. it really sucked when, after spending quality time with the original paris-based colette, we didn’t have a chance to see the gap + colette store when it sprung up in september and then quickly vanished. bum.

now, we are once again missing out on yet another enticing culture pod: karl lagerfeld’s ode to a purse, currently taking up residence in central park. the “chanel mobile art pavilion”, commissioned by largerfeld and designed by architect zaha hadid (she, is really really wonderful, and also one of three fantastic guest editors for the current issue of wallpaper), contains loads of art inspired by the Chanel 2.55 bag. the roving museum’s international tour also includes stops in hong kong, tokyo, london, moscow, and paris. new york magazine has very kindly posted a video tour for those of us who can’t make it to manhattan in time.

(for those of you who can, the exhibit is open until 9 november, and tickets are free)

we will admit, we were expecting 200+ artfully done yet eventually dull photos of purses, but to our gleeful surprise some of the pieces seem to be really well done, both in concept and execution. definitely, absolutely, worth your time.

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a membership to MoMA is an extremely worthwhile investment.

our favorite exhibition of the summer was by copenhagen-born artist olafur eliasson, called take your time. his art is absolutely conceptual in its orientation, but it was conceptual with a purpose in mind other than just proving itself edgy or avant-garde, which we feel is an enormous problem with a lot of contemporary art these days (the spring exhibition at palais de tokyo, for example, included a room full of men playing paintball and it made us giggle but it felt half-hearted and did not stimulate any of our senses, and did not provoke any sort of thought, and art that doesn’t even intrigue is just sorta lame). eliasson’s room-sized installations explore color, light, and temporality, in simple subtle ways that cut straight past intellectualism and wordiness in favor of overwhelming the senses in a warm yet mind-boggling manner. in the room pictured up top, the walls slowly and almost imperceptibly shifted colors from one neon pastel to another, and we felt warm and serene as if we were standing in a fluorescent womb.

eliasson also rigged up some waterfalls around manhattan which got rave reviews. i craned my neck to see one while riding the subway out to coney island for the village voice siren festival as we passed over the brooklyn bridge, but was facing the wrong direction. bummer.

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a to-do list

buy some sheer black stockings

put them on

tear them apart

feel good about yourself

(because demolished tights were big in paris last spring, and if rodarte is still into it, then why aren’t you?)

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