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a membership to MoMA is an extremely worthwhile investment.

our favorite exhibition of the summer was by copenhagen-born artist olafur eliasson, called take your time. his art is absolutely conceptual in its orientation, but it was conceptual with a purpose in mind other than just proving itself edgy or avant-garde, which we feel is an enormous problem with a lot of contemporary art these days (the spring exhibition at palais de tokyo, for example, included a room full of men playing paintball and it made us giggle but it felt half-hearted and did not stimulate any of our senses, and did not provoke any sort of thought, and art that doesn’t even intrigue is just sorta lame). eliasson’s room-sized installations explore color, light, and temporality, in simple subtle ways that cut straight past intellectualism and wordiness in favor of overwhelming the senses in a warm yet mind-boggling manner. in the room pictured up top, the walls slowly and almost imperceptibly shifted colors from one neon pastel to another, and we felt warm and serene as if we were standing in a fluorescent womb.

eliasson also rigged up some waterfalls around manhattan which got rave reviews. i craned my neck to see one while riding the subway out to coney island for the village voice siren festival as we passed over the brooklyn bridge, but was facing the wrong direction. bummer.

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