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today i saw babies and holy shit holy shit it was so good, me and my mom spent all 80 minutes of it saying “awww” and laughing and also worrying that the much-abused and ever-present cats and various farm animals would rebel against their baby abusers and i dunno scratch them or something. thank goodness, everyone was safe.


ponijao from namibia; she enjoys eating dirt and breastfeeding

Bayar Bundled Up

bayar from mongolia; my second favorite baby, he likes to pet goats and play with toilet paper

after the movie we agreed that ponijao and bayar, two babies raised in yurts in pretty isolated areas, were much more likeable than the two city babies, hattie (san francisco) and mari (tokyo), who both cried all the time and were constantly surrounded by brightly colored (and phthalate-ridden) plastic toys. there’s nothing like watching western excess consumption being thrust upon a baby to make you wish you lived in a yurt, too. largely self-sufficient, these yurt babies hardly ever cried, explored the world independently of their parents, and found their own toys in the rocks and dirts and buckets of water around them. by the end of the movie (at age 1)  ponijao was running around and balancing metal pots on her head, while hattie was subjected to the weirdest baby yoga class i’ve ever seen. western culture is so all-encompassing and over-stimulating, and while i pride myself on the lack of video games in my childhood it was still incredibly uncreative. while definitely the cutest movie you’ll ever see, babies is also a very fascinating look at cultural differences and similarities etc etc gooo see it you’ll love it i promise.

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spent part of the afternoon reading new american paintings, and came across allison cortson, an la based artist. she, is great.




her dust paintings are our favorites, and the fact that many of them are crazily large only adds to the appeal. her figures are photo-realistic, surrounded with dust collected from the individuals’ respective habitats and arranged on the canvas to depict an environment. she says that each person’s dust is a slightly different shade, and we think that is the neatest part of all.

her pastel drawings are not too shabby, either.


speaking of particle accelerators? what the bleep do we know is one of the best movies we’ve seen lately (as long as you can get past some iffy cinematography and a really odd animation sequence). we recommend.

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