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spent part of the afternoon reading new american paintings, and came across allison cortson, an la based artist. she, is great.




her dust paintings are our favorites, and the fact that many of them are crazily large only adds to the appeal. her figures are photo-realistic, surrounded with dust collected from the individuals’ respective habitats and arranged on the canvas to depict an environment. she says that each person’s dust is a slightly different shade, and we think that is the neatest part of all.

her pastel drawings are not too shabby, either.


speaking of particle accelerators? what the bleep do we know is one of the best movies we’ve seen lately (as long as you can get past some iffy cinematography and a really odd animation sequence). we recommend.

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here are some nifty websites to check out.

oh my rockness lists tons of indie shows going on in new york, chicago, and la. you can click on tabs to see only the recommended shows, or only the freshly listed shows, but we prefer to see only the free shows.

myopenbar.com is an equally super resource, taking the time to compile and share tons of drink specials and happy hours in manhattan and brooklyn (and san francisco, and la, and chicago, and honolulu, and miami). because alcohol is always better, when it is free.

FREEwilliamsburg is a little more blog-y than the aforementioned blogs, but in between posts about LOLhipsters and prop 8: the musical, there are posts about free concerts and free art and free culture and free fun things to do (as well as links to a billion restaurants, bars, and other nyc/culture based sites). free free free. in williamsburg. in brooklyn.

now go out and buy yourself something pretty.

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