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Every one and their 4 year old child knows that Barack Obama is hip.  He was just chosen for obvious reasons as Time Magazine’s person of the year, which includes the inspiration for this posting.  Obama is, for many, the anthropomorphic representation of that which has been lacking in America – in politics, morals, ideals, etc, etc.  Who knew that he also represents that which America lacks overall in straight up coolness.  Actually, some of us might have thought something was up considering the now famous retro-inspired images from his campaign, as below.  The use of such imagery could have been resultant simply from the smart choices of art directors and graphic designers in an effort to appeal to young voters (who no doubt had a large impact in his elected-ness), though I’m thinking (in light of the Time Magazine photos) that this image truthfully portrays aspects of Obama’s character that are less publicized.

Time Magazine Cover

Thankfully, Lisa Jack, an old time University colleague of the current president-elect had the smarts enough to rummage through her basement and re-surface these fabulous, fashion-conscious negatives from 1980, Barak’s freshman year at Occidental College in Los Angeles.  I heard that Obama showed up to the shoot with a leather jacket, Panama hat and pack of cigarettes of his own accord.  The shoot was a chance for the photographer to build her portfolio, from what I know.

Lisa Jack Photos

Aparantly Obama mentions this time of his life in his memoir as one which he spent searching for himself and discovering his identity as a mixed-raced/ African American male, though I have not read his book myself.  I’m not sure about you guys, but some of these images scream the Tito Jackson (maybe Jermain – not sure anymore..), even a young Michael if you could imagine Obama’s young face at the tender age of 6, still surrounded by that brillianty maintained afro.


I will give full disclosure and say that Obama got my vote, for the sake that he sent the message that he understands the importance of innovative thought and a fearless approach to change.  I have high hopes that he will make great changes for our image as a country, all the details of politics that I have no interest in mentioning here, as well as (hopefully) for our political system and CULTURE.  Honestly, if he was this experiemental, fashionable and seemingly down to earth in his life at some point, my hope for those changes feels a bit more sound, if only within my own chest.

Its a Cig

Hey Obama

Abundant Confidence at 19is

80s Cool

What a hip ass dude.  …Go America.



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