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we, along with susie bubble, are super obsessed with louise markey.




why, you ask?




anything (really, anything) with super bright colors that does not call to mind the neon revival of last summer and the summer before is incredibly appealing. we also like the hips of the top look (they remind us of 18th century panniers, albeit a bit less ostentatious and tons more practical; isn’t it time designers stopped referencing the flannel of 10 years ago and got going on the other 2000+ years of inspiration they have at their disposal?) and the boob pocket of the bottom look.


and also. the israeli kids on ilook are adorable.


this timeline, tracing news events pertaining to israel and palestine and the gaza strip and hamas back to 1949, is not adorable at all. but it provides some historical context with which to judge what is going on now.

peace_13(photo from time.com


now. snow angels and hot chocolate, all day long.


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