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a band you should listen to is chairlift. it is unfortunate that “evident utensil”, previously the only song on their myspace, is on their myspace no longer. no matter. “bruises”, and also all the rest, is/are pretty damn swell.


an artist you should check out is catherine ryan. her newer work mostly revolves around animals, and is awesome; her older work depicts fuzzy-faced children in snapshot-like settings, and it is even awesomer.






two diego luna movies you should watch are mister lonely and milk. the former is by harmony korine, who wrote kids, and is beautiful and nonsensical and whimsical and lovely and superb (it is about a michael jackson impersonator who meets a marilyn monroe impersonator in paris and goes to live on the commune she owns with her husband, a charlie chaplin impersonator; it is also about nuns who can fly). the latter, by gus van sant, absolutely deserves whatever hype and award nominations it is currently getting (it is about harvey milk, the first openly gay politician to be elected to public office; he’s later assassinated, along with the mayor of san francisco, by a fellow city supervisor).


see? grey days are not so bad.


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the latest issue of interview, is superb. it is the so-called art issue. inside find interviews with richard prince (who owns the original scroll of big sur by mr. jack kerouac), jeff koons (more on him in a sec), cate blanchett (interviewed by jack white, which brings to mind coffee and cigarettes, and also the two of them are quite witty with each other), william eggleston (who is color blind?), rei kawakubo (have you gotten a chance to shop for comme des garcons at h&m yet?), gus van sant (i fell asleep during paranoid park but still claim to have really liked it), AND MORE!

jeff koons was all, “i don’t think my shit is ironic, or tongue-in-cheek” (that was paraphrased, badly, by the way) and i was all, reeeally? because you sculpted a giant balloon animal and put it in the palace at versailles… but then jeff koons was all, “living at versailles must have been like living in a fantasy, where you could go to sleep one night with a garden full of blue flowers and wake up to find a garden full of red flowers, because a staff of gardeners had been up all night uprooting and planting your fantasy, fuckin louis xiv, and my pieces relate to that fantasy in contemporary ways” (again, paraphrase-age) and i was all, hey i kinda like that, way to go jeff koons, this is the first time i’ve ever had tender feelings towards you and your art.

koons1(photo from nytimes.com)

and then i was all, happy hannuka, and stuff.

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