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we usually try to keep our fashion obsession from turning gossip-y.

that is, we don’t care who a particular model is dating or whether or not marc jacobs is having his holiday party this year and if there is a rumor that anna wintour will no longer be editor-in-chief of american vogue soon, we don’t care about that either, at least until it stops being a rumor and starts being something that is actually happening.


fashionista tells us today that there is talk of carine roitfeld (of french vogue) taking over anna wintour’s job at american vogue in january. january! this very january! in a month! eeeeeee!

american vogue is so stodgy, and commercialized, compared to french vogue. we feel old and dull when we read it. one should never feel old and/or dull when reading a so-called fashion bible, unless that bible is the actual bible and the fashion it refers to are the dresses worn by that sect in texas (we have this vague memory that, after all the court stuff, the women decided to start selling clothing online? but couldn’t find any articles about it. are we making this up?). french vogue has more creative editorials, usually has better photography, and is a better designed (graphically, that is; we are very fond of the distortion of typefaces in an aesthetically pleasing manner) magazine all around.

everything is better en francais.

edit: apparently not. bummer.

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