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I go out to eat a lot.  The general rule of thumb when you (the omnivore that you are, maybe) go out to eat is DON’T GET THE CHICKEN.***  Why? Well, because, we eat a lot of chicken at home, right? And you know how to cook it already.  And mostly because it’s not that sexy or exciting.

Unless, that is, you eat it at Le Barricou, a brasserie (sort of) style place in the heart of south/east/central Williamsburg *Brooklyn*.

Never in my life have I craved chicken… until now.  In this very moment, I would love for nothing more than to sink my teeth into their chicken sandwich* or devour their coq au vin** (yyeaah–ahh!).  These are the juiciest, sexiest chicken dishes I’ve ever met, and I’m coming back for more.

Also- no small matter: their chicken dishes are decidedly much better than their beef/seafood- this is unheard of, people!

*With avocado, tomato, provolone cheese, chipotle, mayonnaise on country bread. Served with mixed greens & pommes frites

**Chicken stewed in red wine & served with mashed potatoes

***So you’re a vegetarian. My condolences.  Psych! Sike! Whatever… I actually crave vegetables even more than I do chicken (psssh, until Le Barricou, that is!) so I know where you’re coming from.  Luckily Le Barricou has a f*cking scrumptious option for you: roasted vegetable salad with zucchini, squash, eggplant, yukon potatoes, arugula, honey balsamic reduction & parmesan. It’s a godsend.

I’m done with all the stars, but I just want to point out: Le Barricou is ridiculously wallet-friendly for the quality food the kitchen churns out, so if I lived closer, I would be there every day feeding my new-found poultry addiction.



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are fashion and food.. and this blog.  Meet Carol Han:

you looks fabulous

Via my workplace Twitter feed I’ve stumbled upon Ms. Han, fashion stylist, & her recently launched blog Milk & Mode.  It’s my new The Sartorialist.  …and by that I mean that it’s an addicting, minimalist blog rife with fash-photog.  There are other goodies as well, including a log of her social goings-on* (voyeurism!) and rando recipes.  The real pull here is her insider status: she posts the newest and the best.  Her editorial eye is spot on for young fresh things.  I am particularly hearting the following knits from her recent trip to Hudson Jeans fall preview:


When can I buy you?!

Another recommendation culled from her recent writings, this post on inspirational, funky NYC apartment interiors.  I like these two a lot:

that mirror is reminds me of the one in Jan Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Wedding painting

this room is a study in textures: chair, lime green cushion, zeba rug, couch, etc.

A+ for your mish mosh framed print collage, A++ for your clothing storage pieces

From blogger to blogger, kudos to Milk & Mode for the fabulous (dare I say poetic?) titling of some her posts.

Finally, check out her awesome pup:

*Ms. Han seems to roll with Rick Owens-loving Andrew from Kell on Earth


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