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sometime last year we noticed a smashingly outfitted girl on facehunter sporting a fantastic necklace in the shape of a human heart. observe:

neat, right?

after a few months of quietly pining away for said necklace, we stumbled across paraphernalia, where a woman named vanda makes an eye-boggling assortment of really unique, dark, quirky necklaces and pins, including the above pictured heart. i bought it right away, and continue to ogle the sleuth camera necklace to this very day. most of the jewelry is between $20 and $30, which is not bad at all when you imagine this massively talented woman hunched over her kitchen table with a pen and a magnifying glass (whether or not this is an accurate representation of her artistic process, we still think her stuff is pretty damn special) handcrafting a super awesome conversation starter, just for you.

support small businesses. save the world’s economy. look nice.

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