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yesterday i found the glasses i have been searching for ever since i gave up the dream of huge, nerdy, 70s-inspired old lady glasses last year.

the new dream: clear plastic cat-eye frames.

(stop laughing. i had a vision.)

they are fromĀ fabulous fanny’s, 335 e 9th street in manhattan (but you can also order frames online, so do not fret if you do not live in new york), a very cute little store full of very helpful very stylish salespeople as well as an enormous selection of vintage glasses (and hats, purses, shoes, shirts, dresses, jewelry, cufflinks, etc). most were in between $75 and $100 (very reasonable, eh?), and were organized by shape and color, to make for easy searching.

this is what they look like:


so i haven’t gotten lenses for them yet, on account of “the plastic is too old and brittle” (according to lescrafters) (i am holding out hope however that i will find an optometrist who is up to the challenge; if you know of one in new york/new jersey/virginia please let me know). and now my conundrum: i think the whole lens-less glasses trend is a bit lame. but now that i have a pair, albeit unintentionally, i start to wonder, why shouldn’t glasses just be another accessory to throw on, regardless of necessity? lots of accessories are vestigial. like, suspenders worn with tight pants that would stay up without the extra help; triangular scarves worn around the neck by people who are not at a protest and therefore are not shielding their faces from tear gas; rolled-up pants worn by non bike riding pedestrians; etc.


[ update, because you care. i found a willing optometrist (in madison, nj, if you are curious) who was all “lenscrafters doesn’t know what they’re talking about” and also “my lens-making machine is broken right now but i’ll ship you the glasses as soon as they’re whole”. and she did. my glasses work, now, and i have once again come to the conclusion that LENS-LESS GLASSES ARE DUMB please don’t wear them. ]

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