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the highlights of hannuka were as follows:

more latkes than i could ever hope to stomach

a pair of mittens made out of alpaca (they are so warm)

cranium WOW (the pieces come with interchangeable hats!)

the world of edward gorey, by clifford ross and karen wilkin

gorey is an artist (and sometimes costume designer) who does crazy dark nitpick-y sinster type black-ink line drawings. he sets his scenes in a macabre victorian england, mostly, and writes books with titles like the doubtful guest and accompanies his drawings with captions such as “her laugh made beetles swoon; her frown / made geese and cows turn upside down.”




edward-gorey-b(this is how i would like my future children to learn the letter “b”)

it is a must-read for aspiring illustrators and owners of freakishly dark senses of humor alike.

ps, it is fashion week in stockholm! HOT DAMN. more updates on the most fashion forward city evah to follow.

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