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Since it’s Friday, today will be festo Lite for this post-er.  No manifestos, no reflections on consumerism or objectification.  Just the unique entertainment that is AWKWARD FAMILY PHOTOS.  Looking through old family photo albums can be so FUN…  or the source of anxiety, especially when your awkward years stretched from 18 months to 18.  Never fear!  These exists a forum where you can post your photos & face your [awkward] face.  Or even more therapeutic, gawk/cringe/laugh (all at the same time!) at everyone else’s!  This is a recent favorite:

“These boots were made for…”

The site is a vast repository of awkward family photos spanning decades with cheeky titles and endless comments from their loyal readers.  Some of those from the 70s and 80s are reminders of an esthetic that in 2010 just seems awkward, but back then was awesome!  (And given the current obsession with 80s “fashion”, dare I say a source of inspiration?) Case in point:

“Fast times”

Other ones are truly just awkward/creepy:

I highly recommend visiting the current Hot Tub Time Machine Totally Awkward Top 5 for some priceless shots and a brief tasting of the huge archives of AFP.

Enjoy!  And if you’ve got an AFP treasure (and we all do), don’t hold out on us– submit it to the site and then shoot us a link!



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