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having recently discovered how smashingly simple it is to sew a reasonably cute dress from scratch (“scratch” being 3 or 4 yards of fabric, and also some thread and some buttons), we encourage you to visit reprodepot fabrics, where one can find many yards of super cute material.

if, having heeded our advice, you are currently sitting in front of a sewing machine wondering where to begin, try taking a prior existing dress (or skirt, or vest, or onesie) and finding all the seams and figuring out how many pieces of fabric said article of clothing is made up of (for example, my dress was one front piece + one back piece + one skirt piece). then measure all the pieces (length from waist to neckline, length of space in between shoulders, length from waist to bottom of skirt, etc) and cut them out of your chosen fabric and assemble.

or, make pillows (2 squares of fabric + socks and cotton balls to stuff them with) and distribute them as practically free yet adorable homemade holiday gifts.

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we are super into jakarta at the moment.

1) we like any city whose nickname refers to a dangerously spiky fruit.

2) we LOVE the enormous necklaces all the stylish residents seem to be sporting. these are some of yvan rodic’s photos:




and our favorite,


our next arts & crafts party, is gonna be ragin.

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