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new animal collective, hooray!


nevermind the inauguration. go see them in new york on 20 january. it will be a magical concert going experience.

animal-collective(in paris, last year)


if you are still around two days later, matt and kim are playing in williamsburg. go. ’twill be the funnest show, ever. promise.


[ stefanie ]

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if you listen to


architecture in helsinki,


vampire weekend,


animal collective,


you should download (for free!) esau mwamwaya and radioclit are the very best. it is lovable. it will make you feel musically on-the-ball. and it is free music. at times, the album sounds like karaoke (like track 3, tengazako). other times, though, it is karaoke TO THE MAXXX and we mean that in the best way possible, in that the tunes are familiar but the vibe is new. even other times, the tunes are new and the vibe is new. all in all, it is worth many listens.

oh. and. green owl, the label releasing the aforementioned indiedancepop lovefest, seems pretty kewl. and if their take on sustainable music is intriguing or appealing to you, perhaps you should check out heres to the long haul, a bluegrass-y mountainous sort of band that cares about the terrible effects of coal mining.

good music, and respect for the planet, are a really wonderful combination, no?

[ stefanie ]

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